You can't stop glancing to the diamond on your left hand and you're giddy with excitement that you're going to be marrying the perfect guy (or girl)! But how do you get to the day of your dreams? That's where C&C comes in!  Let me walk you through the entire wedding planning process.  

  • Planning: Wedding planning can be so stressful!  How do you find the perfect venue? How do you navigate through all the websites of photographers, DJs, florists, and caterers?  What if you forget something or miss a step?  With payment due dates scattered throughout the next few months, contracts that need to be read through and signed, and so many logistics to finalize--your engagement is going to fly by.  Instead, let me take care of the details for you so you can enjoy every minute with your new fiancé! 
  • Design: And...the logistics are only part of the planning process. How do you decide on your colors, the linens, the stationery?  How do you create the atmosphere that you're imagining?  And how in the world do you navigate through the 1000s of pins on Pinterest? Step away from Pinterest and Google, instead let's build your wedding around you, not the latest wedding trends. I specialize in wedding design and I'll walk you through every step.  
  • Coordination and Styling: Once your day is planned down to the last detail, your wedding day arrives.  Who will set up and clean up your decor?  How do you make sure that your day runs on schedule?  What happens if something goes wrong?  Those are the last things that you and your family need to worry about during your wedding day.  Let my team and I take care of the decor set up, coordinate vendors, and resolve any problems that may arise.  

So many things go into creating your perfect wedding day.  By hiring C&C as your wedding planner, you'll know that every detail will be covered. You can trust that the design will be gorgeous and genuine.  You'll be able to relax throughout the wedding planning process and on your wedding day. This is a time in your life to celebrate, so you concentrate on that and let me take care of all the details! Ready to relax and enjoy your engagement? Send me an email and let's get started! 

Below are overviews of our 3 packages, but send me an email and I'll send you our "Bride Book" that shares so many more details! 

I know that every wedding and event is a little different, so all of our wedding planning packages can be customized to fit your wedding day. Let's meet over coffee (or a glass of champagne!) and talk about what you're looking for!  Not in the Omaha, Nebraska area?  Let's jump on Facetime, Skype or the phone and chat!  

Full Planning and Design

Starting at $3250
With our full planning and design package, we handle it all! You don't have to worry about sourcing the perfect vendors.  You don't have to spend hours trying to find the perfect decor to match your color pallette.  And you can relax, sip some champagne and dance the night away on your wedding day. Spend your nights and weekends with your fiance.  Go on dates, visit family, take some pre-marriage getaways. Time is precious!  Let me handle planning your wedding so you can enjoy every minute.

This package includes vendor sourcing, budget management, and vendor coordination.  You don't have to worry about the planning and research. It includes the design plan, decor sourcing, and styling.  You don't have to worry about making sure everything comes together, making sure all the decor matches.  I've got that covered.  And, you don't have to worry about the logistics, the timeline, and the vendor management. This package is perfect if you're ready to sit back and relax and let everything fall into place.  You worry about saying I do and I'll handle everything else!


Design, Execution, and Coordination 

Starting at $2250
Gorgeous and Genuine.  Your wedding day is meant to be special, so don't just model it after the latest Pinterest trend.  Instead let's sit down and let me design intentional details.  I want to tell your love story.  I want your guests to walk away knowing that they experienced your wedding day. When they think back to the day, they don't just remember the pretty details, they remember the beginning to your marriage.  

This package includes my design expertise throughout your entire wedding planning process.  Then, starting one month out, I'll start the coordination process.  I'll work with your vendors to check off every detail.  My team and I will be there on your wedding day to execute the design, set up and style your decor, and manage the timeline and vendors.  This is the perfect package if you're into your planning process but are getting stuck on the details. 


Wedding Management

You may be more familiar with the term "day of coordination". This package gives you a day of coordinator plus so much more!

Starting at $1000
A successful wedding day has so many moving pieces.  Who is in charge of what? When is everything being delivered? How will your DJ know when to announce each event?  The last thing that you should have to deal with on your wedding day are the logistics.  I'll be responsible for the particulars and you can be in charge of looking beautiful and enjoying every minute!  I'll be the one running around to each vendor to make sure they're ready to go at the correct time.  I'll be the one finding the answers to any last minute questions.  You'll be hugging your wedding guests, enjoying the perfect meal you picked out, and sipping champagne. 

This package takes care of all the little last minute details. I'll review your contracts, be in touch with your vendors, create your timeline, and walk through your wedding day with you.  I'll put together a checklist and wedding day plan, coordinate drop offs and pick ups, set up your decor, and take it down at the end of the day. I'll be the one that's there after your exit packing up all the decor so you and your family can head to the hotel or the after party! It's the perfect package to give you that peace of mind you need on your big day. It's your day to enjoy, so cherish every minute!


Do one of these packages sound like they're going to solve every one of your wedding planning problems?  Let's chat!  
Looking for something you don't see?  I'm happy to create a custom package just for you! 

You've probably never planned a wedding before, so you may have a ton of questions! You can read through some of the ones that I get the most often, but if you don't see an answer, please email me and let's talk more!  I'm happy to answer any questions you have!  


Do you offer a Day Of Coordination package?  
I don't offer Day Of Coordination.  Why not???  Because it doesn't actually exist. You might be familiar with the term, but in order for a planner to successfully navigate your wedding day, they need to start weeks if not months before the wedding.  My Wedding Management package is going to be the most similar to Day of Coordination.  I'll start working with you on your wedding months in advance, get to know your vendors, and walk you through a details checklist.  You won't have to worry about your day of logistics or decor setup and teardown because we reviewed it weeks before your wedding. You'll get to enjoy time with your guests without interruptions!


Do you have a minimum budget that you work with?
I don't require a minimum budget, but I work best with budgets of $25,000 or more. Why that number??? I want to make sure that I can create your vision through decor, florals, and design.  Every wedding is different and depending upon your venue, guest count, and style, you could need a completely different budget (higher OR lower) to create your dream day.  Let's meet and talk through what your vision looks like!


Why do your prices say "starting at"?
Every single wedding is different and your day should be completely unique to you! Depending upon your guest count, design plan, and venue set up requirements, your wedding may require extra assistants or additional hours.  Any additional charge on your package is going directly to making your day run smoothly.  As we work through your wedding, we'll discuss options and you'll get to choose what works best for you and your day!


I really want my wedding to be ________ style. I don't see anything similar on your website, can you create this for me? 
Absolutely!!!! I LOVE to work with unique and special styles.  I want to design a day that is uniquely you!  If you book a design package, we'll sit down and talk through your ideas and I'll use my creativity and design background to make them into reality!  


Do you offer decor and linen rental?
I have a growing decor and linen inventory.  If you're looking for something special, let me know.  If it makes more sense for me to invest in a new item, I'm happy to source items and rent them out.  I know how hard it is to have a ton of decor left over after your wedding that you won't use in the future!  I want to help you design your day and keep you within your budget!