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Save the Dates
Traditionally sent out 6+ months before your wedding, especially if you are inviting a lot of guests from out of town.
Wedding Invitations
Traditionally sent out 8 weeks before your wedding.
Custom Invitations are more expensive (usually $150-$300 for the design), but you're more likely to get exactly what you're looking for. Pre-made invitations may not have every element available in your design.
What elements are you interested in including in your Invitation Suite?
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What design elements are you interested in including in your invitations?
What kind of paper are you interested in?
Very formal wedding invitations usually include an inner and an outter envelope when sending. The outter envelope has the name, address, etc on it. The inner envelope has the names of everyone invited. Ex: Outter has "The Johnson Family" Inner has Jack, Jamie, Jason and Jennifer Johnson
Traditionally this is done by calligraphers and typically costs around $3 per suite. Traditional etiquette says they should be hand addressed. Modern companies are offering envelope printing.
Formal etiquette has specific ways to address envelopes (Mr. and Mrs James Johnson) with street names and states written out (no abbreviations). If you have the envelopes addressed by someone else or printed will you have this done exactly as you want it or would you like them to format it for you?
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Other Stationery
Program, Menu, Place Cards, Signs, Etc.
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