Where they work, what they like, hobbies, etc. What do they like to do together?
Phone Email
Wedding Date
Wedding Date
Where, time, significance, etc.
Where, when, style, etc
Day of? Design? Vendor sourcing and management, etc
Fun, elegant, party, black tie etc.
Vendors booked
Tasks for planning
Day Of Tasks for Wedding

Things to say:

Genuine Event that reflects the bride and groom

Focus on design and decor of the day-vendors, etc.

Goal is to organize and plan out the day so that you can enjoy every minute and don't have to worry about something getting done.

Won't see me much during the day because I'll be styling, setting up etc.  Do offer lady in waiting services

Contracted for Rehearsal and Day of Wedding (additional fee for additional time)

No draping, ladders, chairs/table set up, trash removal, food removal, etc. 


Send Contract

Will hold date for one week and after that will open date up to new couples

Need deposit of $500 to hold date and signed contract