Floral Design has quickly become one of my most favorite parts of planning a wedding.  The colors, textures, and style that can be conveyed through florals really bring the event to the next level. Forget the traditional round red rose bouquet (unless that matches your style!), and envision flowing greenery, cascading vines, and bold fluffy bloom. My style is romantic, organic, and a little wild and free. I love oversized bouquets, using unique and special blooms, and creating attention catching arrangements. I offer a Floral and Decor package and a la carte Floral Design.  You don't have to book a wedding planning or coordination package to work with me on your floral design!

Floral and Decor Design

Starting at $500 + floral costs
You have a vision for your wedding day in your head.  The colors, the style, the atmosphere.  The venue you booked is in the perfect location. BUT, your vision just isn't coming to life. Creating the vision in your head takes more than choosing a vendor and writing a check. I like to see your inspiration, but I LOVE to incorporate unique details that have never been done before. With my Floral and Decor Design package, I'll listen to your vision and I'll help source all the elements that are needed to make it a reality on your wedding day.  

First, florals are a huge part of your wedding atmosphere.  We'll talk through your style and I'll work with you to create the perfect floral decor. Your bouquet is one of the most photographed details on your wedding day, so we'll start there!  Everything will stem from the bridal bouquet.  I'll use the same colors, style, and flowers to create a cohesive design from your ceremony to your reception. Once the basics of your florals are decided, we'll switch to decor. Your tablescapes will be far from boring.  We'll talk through linen and napkin colors.  Discuss table runners and chargers.  Pick the perfect vases and votives. 

Then I'll put it all together.  I'll help with your room layout and make sure that every corner of your venue is perfectly styled.  During your wedding week I'll be busy creating your florals. The bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, centerpieces, and floral installations will be custom and freshly made. On your wedding day I won't just come and drop off your flowers and decor.  I'll set up every arrangement, style your tables, and make sure that the room matches your vision.  I'll also make a stop at your ceremony site to delivery your bouquets and personals.  I'll make sure boutonnieres are securely pinned and each bridesmaid knows the best way to hold their bouquet for pictures.  

You're getting so much more than a florist with this package.  You're getting a designer and a stylist.  You're getting the peace of mind that your reception will be set up exactly how you want it.  And, you're getting gorgeous florals that look like they should be featured on a wedding blog.  If wedding design is important to you, you'll be so grateful you booked a floral designer instead of a traditional florist.  


Ala Carte Floral Design

Minimum: $800
I offer a traditional floral design package as well!  Let's talk about your floral needs, colors, and styles.  I'm happy to create your florals for you without including a design package, much like a traditional florist. I want to work with you to make sure your bouquet, bridal party flowers, and centerpieces exactly match your style.  Even if we're not diving deep into the design and decor details, I will still walk you through how different arrangements, colors, and flowers can create very different visions.  

We'll look at inspiration images I'll help build your florals around the design plan you already have in place!  I'll make suggestions for different types of flowers to use, suggest size and shapes for your arragements, and share ideas for containers for your centerpieces.  

Then on your wedding week, I'll be working hard to put together each fresh and custom arrangement.  On your wedding day, you'll have the option of having the flowers picked up, dropped off, or delivered and styled. I'll work with you to make sure all your floral needs are taken care of and we'll create the perfect florals for your event! 

You've read through the details of my Floral Experience above.  You've browsed my Floral Design gallery and stalked my Instagram page. You're ready to talk more about florals with me, but you're not quite sure how the process works. How do you choose a florist? How do you find out how much everything is going to cost?  This is probably your first time planning a wedding so let me walk you through it!  

First, send me an email and let me know you want to talk about floral design! Make sure you include your wedding date in the email! I'll do a happy dance once I receive your email and then I'll respond.  Let's meet in person or jump on a phone call so I can hear all about your vision. Some things that you'll want to be prepared with: Images and inspiration, colors, and numbers.  

  • The Numbers: In order to put together a realistic quote those numbers are really important.  I'll need to know how many bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, centerpieces and other floral arragements you'll need.  I like to include everything you could ever want in your first quote. So, if you love the idea of having a head table hanging floral installation, let me know and I'll include pricing in the quote for you.  
  • The Budget: The second part of those numbers that I need to know is your budget.  Be prepared to give me a realistic number that you want to work within.  I promise I'm not going to take your budget and charge you more for a simple bouquet simply because you have the dollars available. Instead, I want to know how I can use your budget to best of your advantage. Most bouquets on Pinterest cost hundreds of dollars and I don't want to send you a quote that shocks you.  I want to make sure when I'm quoting you a price that I use flowers that are going to match both your vision and your budget. There's a huge price difference between a standard rose, a garden rose, and a peony.  If you have your heart set on a peony bouquet, I want to make sure I leave room in your budget for a more extravagant bridal bouquet and scale back your centerpieces.  
  • The Vision:  Once I have all the details from you, I'll get to work!  I'm such a visual person, so I spend hours putting together a detailed quote for you before you even book.  I'll send you pictures of the different blooms that I plan to use, inspiration images, and details of size and shape for each bouquet or arrangement.  I'll also send suggestions and pricing for extras like silk ribbon or special vases. Throughout the entire process I want you to be excited about what I'm creating for you.  I spend so much time on my quotes because I want you to feel confident that I'm the right florist for you. Once you make that decision, I'll officially book your date and start working with you on the package you chose!  

Booking a floral design package is a little more complicated than choosing a DJ or venue or even a wedding planner because every quote is so different.  If you have any questions on the quote process, please let me know!  I can't wait to share my passion for floral design with you! 

How much should I budget for floral design?
I always suggest you sit down and talk about your budget with your fiancé and any other paying parties.  Decide what you're comfortable with.  Then, bring that number to your meeting with me and I'll let you know if it's realistic.

Think about your budget like this: You have a $2000 budget.  You need 30 centerpieces, 1 bridal bouquet, 5 bridesmaids bouquets, the groom's boutonniere, 5 groomsmen boutonnieres, 4 family flowers, and 6 arrangements for your ceremony.  You need a total of 52 items  You have $38 to spend per item.  The family flowers and boutonnieres are going to be less expensive, but bouquets and centerpieces are going to average a lot more.  At that time I'll talk to you about what you're looking for and what's most important. We'll meet and make your budget work!


How much does the average bouquet cost? 
The price of a bouquet is going to depend upon the size you want, the shape, and the type of flowers.  I would suggest budgeting at least $150 for your bridal bouquet.  To see some pricing ideas, these articles are great!  You'll get an idea of what a bouquet costs based on their size and types of flowers.  Post 1, Post 2, and Post 3.  


Do you offer your floral design outside of Omaha?
I do!  I'm happy to travel to you for your big day!  I not only travel all over Nebraska, but all over the United States for floral design! Send me an email and let's chat!


Do you include vase rental in your floral quotes?
I include clear glass cylinder vases for you to borrow free of charge for your arrangements and bouquets.  If you want to upgrade to specialty vases or containers there is an additional rental fee.  We'll talk about your options when we meet before I put together a quote.  


Do you offer floral delivery?
I do!  If you are working with me for wedding planning and design, there is no additional delivery fee.  Drop off delivery for the florals is $100.  If you'd like me to set up the centerpieces and hand out the personal flowers, there is an additional $100 fee.  


What do you do with the flowers after the event?
The flowers are yours!  You are welcome to do whatever you would like with them!  If you're borrowing or renting my vases, I just need those returned by the following Wednesday.  If for some reason you don't want to keep the flowers after your event, let me know and I'm happy to donate them to a hospital or nursing home for you!


Why is your quote higher or lower than another florist?

Every florist quotes differently.  My design is going to be unique to me while another florist is going to have a different unique design.  Even if you show everyone the same inspiration image, you're going to get completely different quotes based on the type and number of flowers used.  If I quote a bouquet based on peonies, garden roses, and ranunculus, my quote could be twice as much as a florist quoting you using standard roses, spray roses, and carnations. I could also be basing my bouquet on a 15 inch diameter and they could be basing theirs on a 9 inch diameter. It's so hard to compare prices when it comes to flowers.  I know that staying within your budget is so important, but I encourage you to choose a florist based upon their style, portfolio, and their understanding of your vision. Ask questions and make sure you know what you're getting so the only surprise on your wedding day is that your bouquet is even more beautiful than you imagined! 


Have other questions for me?  I'd love to chat!  Send me an email!  

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