Name *
Wedding Date *
Wedding Date
Colors, sizes, flowers, etc.
Indicate if the bride would like a different bouquet than the rest of the bridal party. I always suggest going big and special on the bride's bouquet since it will be in all the pictures!
Do you want a toss bouquet? *
This is the larges corsages, usually for the mothers
Slightly smaller than level 1, usually for grandmothers, personal attendants, etc.
The smallest size of corsage, usually for hosts and other friends or family members you would like to honor.
Petals? A flower ball? A mini bouquet? A flower crown? Other?
Please note if you would like a specialized groom's boutonniere that is larger and more special than the rest. I always recommend this!
A slightly different combination from the groomsmen's boutonnieres but a similar size. Usually for fathers.
Slightly smaller than level 1. Usually for grandfathers, ushers, etc.
The smallest size, usually for hosts, any other assistants, friends or family members you want to honor.
I usually do a small boutonniere for the ring bearer, but if you would like something different, please note.
Floral crowns, hair clips, dog collars, etc. Please note what and how many! If none, please note N/A
Ceremony Decor
If not booked yet, note Unsure
These are your largest and fullest arrangements. You may want only level 1 and that's absolutely fine! These are usually at the front and back of the ceremony and around the altar.
Smaller than level 1, can be placed around ceremony
Usually compliment the larger arrangements and can be placed on guest book table, etc.
Flowers for an arch, doorway, altar, etc. Please describe what you would like or include a link to a picture if possible.
Reception Decor
If not booked yet, note unsure.
This can be a guess, but it helps you determine the number of centerpieces! Usually 6-8 guests at a round table.
This can be a guess, but it helps determine design and centerpiece numbers! Please note if these are banquet (usually 6 or 8 foot tables) or King Arthur which are larger and wider. (usually 8 people at a 6 foot table, 10 at an 8 foot table. King Arthur depends on size)
The largest size centerpiece. You may only want one level and that's absolutely okay!
Slightly smaller with a slightly different floral makeup. Will compliment the level 1.
I suggest having a maximum of 3 different centerpieces. Level 3 is the smallest and will compliment levels 1 & 2.
These are usually to compliment the large centerpieces or are placed around a candle or non floral centerpiece.
Greenery running down the center of rectangular tables. Note how many, the size of the tables, and if you want the greenery to the floor or to the ends of the table. Example: 3 runners on 8 foot tables, to the floor.
Large arrangements to place around your venue.
Medium arrangements to place around your venue
Small arrangements to place around your venue
If you're having a head table, I normally recommend using the bridesmaids bouquets and lining them on the table. If you would like additional arrangements, please note below.
Ceiling Installation, Backdrop, Chair swags, favor flowers, etc.
I provide clear glass cylinders free of charge. Specialty vases are an up charge fee. You are always welcome to provide your own!
I have flameless candles available for rent or I can source burning candles for you to purchase for your decor.
Please fill in a dollar amount as this helps break down the types of flowers we can use!