When you're engaged and planning a wedding, it can seem like the list of To Dos is endless. Sometimes building a wedding website can be the last thing you want to add to that list. But, they can be so helpful and surprisingly easy to set up!  


The Why: 

As the trend becomes more an more digital, wedding websites are becoming more popular. I can't tell you how many times I've traveled for a wedding and forgot my invitation stuck on the fridge. With a wedding website, your guests have all the information right at their fingertips. It's so easy to access the information from your smart phone.  

The What:

Yiu can add as much or as little information as you want on your website. But, here's some of my favorite info to include.  

The Invitation Information: Like I noted above,  being able to pull up the information about your wedding digitally makes life so easy. Your guests can view the schedule and times for the day. They can find the address and distraction, and they can find out the formality of the event. All those details that you list on your invitation can be found on your website as well. So, in case someone forgets to bring the actual paper information with them, they'll still be on time. 

The Gift Registry Information:  This is a big item for me and one of the reasons I always encourage my couples to put together a website. Etiquette says not to include the gift registry information in your invitations. A lot of couples include it anyway, but I do like to follow etiquette. Having the information on your website is the perfect alternative. It's easy for people to find, and you can link it directly to your registry. Your guests can click the link and it will take them to the site you registered at. So easy, especially if they're online shopping!

 Accomodation Information: I always encourage my couples to block out hotel rooms for their guests at a hotel near the venue. It's so convenient for out of town guests to book at a hotel they know is close by. Most hotels block off a reservation and allow guests to book online through a link. By putting the link on your website, your guests will be taken directly to the booking site. You can also list the phone number so guests can call and books rooms under your group code as well!

Local Attractions and Things to Do:  I love when couples list out some attractions and things to do near the hotel and venue. Most of my coulles are local to Omaha, Nebraska and know the area well. It's fun for guests to choose restaurants or attractions based on your suggestions instead of taking a chance on something they've never tried before. 

Online RSVP: RSVPs are one of the hardest parts of the wedding planning process. Knowing your guest count is so important, especially if you're serving a plated meal. Unfortunately, as important as that date and those little cards are to you, they're easily forgetten by your guests. I love the option for allowing online RSVPs. Deciding if they're right for your wedding is another blog post all together, but if you do choose them, they can make your RSVP process a little easier. Your guests can instantly RSVP instead of sending back the card. Because they don't have to remember to mail the RSVP, it tends that you get a higher response rate before your deadline. 

There's tons of other information you can add as well, ranging from your bridal party profiles to your love story and engagement pictures. You can choose as much or as little information as you want to share! 

The How: 

There are so many options for creating a wedding website. Choose first if you want to pay for a custom website that looks more professional and unique or if you're okay with using a standard template that you can build yourself. Then choose if you want to pay for a unique domain (www.jakelovesjulie18.com) or are okay with a domain hosted by your website creator (www.mywedding.com/jakelovesjulie18). Either way, your guests will find the right one! 

Here's some of my favorite Wedding Website Options:


  • Riley and Grey
  • Squarespace

Free (basic with paid upgrades)

  • The Knot
  • My Wedding
  • With Joy
  • Minted
  • Appy Couple

Do you have a wedding website? Or have you visited one that a friend created? What did you love about it?  

XO Lindsay