Launch Day

Iowa Wedding Planner Office, Davenport

Ahhh! I can’t believe today is launch day!  I feel like so much has gone into today and I’m so excited (and nervous!) to share it with you!

I’ve spent the last three and a half months building this dream from the ground up.  I’ve had a dream of starting a boutique wedding planning company in Iowa and the Midwest for over a year now, but I really didn’t believe it was possible for me to do until the Creative at Heart conference in January. (more details about that in a later blog post) But, guess what! Here we are!  My website is live.

I have an amazing husband and family that have been so supportive of me.  I also have awesome friends from coast to coast that have been nothing but encouraging.  I have so many sweet friends on Instagram and Facebook who I’ve never met in person that are cheering me on.  All I can say is Thank You!!! Every email, text, “like”, and comment has helped get me here!

I’m so excited for this week-I’ve got so many fun giveaways planned!  So, tell me what you think!  I hope you love it as much as I do.  Send me an email and let’s connect--I’m serious when I say I want to be friends!