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Happy Monday and happy December!

It's the first Monday of the month and I'm continuing the local vendor introductions. Today I get to introduce Ben from Image Entertainment. Image Entertainment is a top wedding and event DJ in Omaha. He's answering some of my questions below!



Tell me about you and your business! What should a couple consider when hiring a DJ? 
A couple should consider the experience that they want to have & give to their friends and family. One DJ company can be perfect for one couple, but the exact opposite for another couple. Always ask to meet with the DJ that you are going to get. 

What other services does a DJ provide other than just music? 
Each DJ company will vary with the additional services they offer. Some offer photo-booths, up lighting, or even video services. At Image Entertainment we are partnered with the best companies that do offer those services and couples will get a much better product at the same "bundle" rate. We do offer some upgrades to our packages, but we keep the focus on our trade and make sure we give the best we can. 

How does a good DJ help guide the wedding day? 
This is the biggest difference between a professional and a guy that keeps a couple of speakers in his garage. A professionally trained DJ will not just play music when the time is appropriate. A professional DJ will MC and coordinate the formal events while maintaining appropriate music for the time of the evening. 

How does a couple know if a DJ is the right fit for their day?
I always say trust your gut and reviews. It can be easy to sell a bride and a groom and they may like what they hear... but always do homework to know what you are hearing from the DJ/DJ service is backed up with extensive reviews. 

What are some things that separate different DJ companies? 
In my opinion time always prevails and you either make it or fade away. If you undercharge to beat the competition, you will get bookings at first. But if you do not offer a good service and reviews come back negative, you will not grow as a company. In addition to the "craigslist DJ", there are companies that charge at very high rates. This gives off the perception that you are the best in the area. But again, when you do  not deliver, you will not get residual business from satisfied customers. They will feel as they were taken advantage of. 

Are there any trends or things you're seeing a lot of couples request for 2017/2018 weddings? 
The trends I personally love is when couples think outside of the box and break tradition. I love seeing unique dessert options, or new ways to old formal events. I am not in the event design business, but i am seeing some insane color & designs that are just amazing. I have the pleasure of seeing the same spaces at venues that we frequently DJ at... but the experience is different each time. 

 Image from Image Entertainment's Facebook Page

Image from Image Entertainment's Facebook Page

If a couple is having trouble coming up with music choices, is there a source you suggest that they check out? Or does your company make suggestions?
We have a comprehensive list that we offer to clients that breaks down some of the most popular music by decade and genre. We do offer up options or suggestions for everything but the first dance. We feel that one should be hand picked and chosen by the couple solely. 

Any wedding nightmare situations that you've encountered that a couple can avoid by planning ahead? 
No nightmares. I hate to worry brides. I always say as long as two people say "I DO", the rest is icing on the cake. Plan accordingly if any events will be held outside and have a back up plan... and talk with your DJ and hall manager to get a realistic timeline to assure the evening will be well planned out.  

And anything else you'd like to share with brides and grooms?  
A DJ secret that most couples will not think to ask is if the DJ is trained to mix music, or just fade out of one song to the next. A real DJ will mix tempos and beats to keep a more engaged dance floor. We take time to train our DJs to effectively keep guests out on the dance floor. The time people have at your wedding and reception is the most remembered thing. 

What other questions do you have for a DJ? You can find their website here and their Facebook page here!