The frustrations of planning your own wedding

As a wedding planner, my job is to minimize those wedding planning frustrations that pop up. And, unfortunately there tends to be a lot that you may come across during your wedding planning procress. If you get overwhelmed, I'm here to help!  I know the first thought after getting engaged isn't always to hire a planner, but I'm happy to jump in and help 1 month or 15 months before your wedding. 

But, let's talk about some frustrations and how you can minimize them or at least be prepared when you run into them!


Money is never an easy thing to talk about. In fact, it's one of the hardest things I discuss with my couples. A lot of times couples have no idea how much things cost, so planning a budget is hard! Sticking to a budget when you see all the pretty things on Pinterest can be even harder. Set your budget, set your priorities, and then try to stick to it. Know that if something goes over budget, you'll have to make cuts somewhere else. I love sitting down and talking out options for saving my couples money, if it's choosing less expensive flowers, taking away the printed menus at each spot in favor of a table menu, or cutting back on desserts. I want to help them achieve their vision even if they can't have every detail exactly like their inspiration. 

Guest Count 

Determining your guest count can be tough! Where do you draw the line? Sit down and talk about the most important guests to each of you. Then slowly add in tiers to get to your ideal count. If your budget is limited, the more guests you invite, the more your food and bar will cost and the less you will have for decor and venue costs. What's most important to you? Having everyone you know their or having an extravagant wedding? Or could you meet in the middle with your closest friends and family and scale back some floral arrangements or cut the sequined linens on each table? Just remember that who you choose to invite is your choice. Don't feel bullied into inviting someone that isn't meaningful to you. 

Friends or Family Control

A lot of people are excited about weddings and you'll probably hear a ton of advice and opinions. Remember that it's your day. As a planner, I promise my couples that I'm their to support their ideas and visions. I always welcome friend and family ideas, (if my couple is open to hearing it) but if the couple isn't interested in the idea, we nix it and work around their vision. It hard, especially when the couples' parents are paying for the wedding, but I'm happy to have those tough conversations. Your day should be yours. It's always nice to incorporate a small part of someone's vision if they're important to you, but overall it's your day. 

 Finding the Right Vendors

Your wedding vendors are the ones that are there to create your day. Find vendors that can show you their past work. Find the ones that match your vision or style. And look for ones with good reviews and feedback from past clients. Google can be a mess to wade through, so ask friends and family. Ask vendors you already have booked. Search on Google and Facebook. Then, take the time to set up a phone call with the vendor to get to know them. Make sure your personalities work and then can give you answers to your questions. Finally, make sure they have contracts that state they're reserving your date and booking the package you chose and you're paying the amount you agreed upon. 

Vendor Communication

After you book your vendors, communicating with them can be hard. They're probably receiving anywhere from 20-100 emails a day. Talk about your expectations when you book them. Don't be afraid to send a follow up email if you don't hear back after a few days. Remember that they're probably working the weekend at another wedding and probably won't respond until the next week. But if you're not hearing back from them for weeks and you've followed up, voice your concerns. Keeping track of vendor emails and responses can be a full time job! One of my favorite perks in my Full Planning Package is managing emails for my couples. I'll send emails and get answers and track follow ups so my couples don't have to worry. 

Planning your Wedding Day

Once your wedding is all planned, your vendors are picked, and your day is approaching, it's time to plan the actual day. There are so many moving parts. When will vendors arrive, what time can they set up the venue, who is doing your decorating? Having a coordinator there on your wedding day is so helpful. They'll be able to make sure everything is done correctly so you can relax as you get your hair and make up done. Even if you can plan everything else, I always suggest a coordinator to manage all the logistics on your wedding day.  


What did I miss? Is there anything stressing you out that I can help with? Your wedding should be memorable and happy, don't let the planning process ruin that for you! 


XO Lindsay