The difference between a Wedding Planner and an Event Designer

(And when you should consider hiring someone that offers both!)


When I first started my business, I focused on wedding planning.  The logistics.  The timeline, emails, and the details. Those details are SO important when planning a wedding.  I wanted to help relieve stress for couples so they had time to enjoy their wedding planning process.  That hasn't changed at all for me.  I still offer full and partial planning and it's still one of my main services.  

But, as time has gone on and I have helped plan multiple weddings, I realized how much I LOVE the wedding design process.  The details and special touches in the design are really what makes your wedding day unique and special. 

When I added florals to my offerings, I learned how impactful they were to the overall design.  There are some amazing florists in Omaha that do great work, but I've found that everyone sees inspiration a little differently. So, I've made the change to separating planning from design. I now offer Planning packages that focus on the logistics, vendor communication, and wedding day coordination.  And, I offer floral and design packages that focus on the decor and details!  Or, I offer the Full Experience that offers planning, design, and florals!  

I love breaking my packages out this way because I can really focus on what the couple needs.  If the bride is stressed about finding her vendor team, managing her emails, and the wedding day tasks, then I can focus in on the planning details and logistics.  If instead, she really wants a beautiful, detailed wedding full of special touches we can focus on design and florals.  A design package also allows me to create a completely cohesive vision from florals to decor to linens.  And if a couple wants a beautiful AND a stress free day, I can offer both!

I know a lot of wedding planners touch base on wedding design, but I really work with my design clients on another level.  When I offer full design and florals, it takes your event to another level.  We talk about all the details--stationery, linens and specialty linens, place settings, and the cake, all coming back to and centered our original design inspiration. My design packages are really meant for brides that want to go above and beyond the basic. Instead of using the venue's chairs, linens, and place settings we'll talk about what we can bring in to add those really special and beautiful touches.  

 Photo by  Kye Image

Photo by Kye Image

So, do you need a planner, designer, or both??? Answering these questions will help you decide!

What is stressing you out? 

  • The endless emails, keeping track of payments and contracts, and how everything is going to run smoothly on your wedding day? You want a planner! 
  • Keeping your inspiration straight, picking the perfect colors and linens, and creating a cohesive and unique wedding day?  You want a designer!
  • Are both stressing you out? You want someone who offers both!

What do you want your wedding day to look like?

  • Beautiful but simple-the venue has enough charm!  As long as it goes smoothly, I'll be happy!  You want a planner!
  • Lots of specialty and high end touches-renting chairs, specialty linens and over the top florals.  You want a designer!
  • Organized and showstopping!  You want someone who offers both!

How involved do you want to be and how?

  • I don't have time to answer the endless emails or search for the best vendors.  Can I just touch base on the important points?  You want a planner!
  • Picking my photographer, venue, DJ, etc. was a piece of cake.  But I'm not sure how to transform my venue from simple to special.  You want a designer!
  • If I give you my budget, style, and colors can you just handle it all? I'll just agree or veto!  You want both!

What's most important to you?

  • That I can enjoy my engagement, not worry about keeping every detail straight and that my family doesn't have to work on my wedding day. You want a planner!
  • That my wedding looks just like I've always imaged complete with the gorgeous florals and prince charming!  You want a designer (although I can't help with prince charming part--that's up to you!)
  • A stress free planning experience, a gorgeous wedding day that's organized from start to finish.  You want both!

Depending upon the client, I'll recommend what I think is the best fit for them.  I love working on planning and design but I recognize not every client needs both.  But, I love that they have the option to come to me for three different in house services.  

If you're in need of a wedding planner, event designer, or florist in the Omaha area, let me know!  I'd love to work with you!

XO Lindsay