Planning a Nebraska Wedding

Tips for the newly engaged:

Tis the season of engagements!  November through February sees a lot of question popping and your favorite vendors are going to be receiving a lot of inquiries.  So, if you're one of the lucky ones who has a new sparkle on your finger, here are some tips to start planning your wedding!

Choose what's most important to you: Venue, Date, or Vendor:

What's the one thing that you've always imagined about your wedding? The date, the venue, the designer, or another vendor like your photographer? Start with planning the ONE thing you won't compromise on.  If you're set on a special date, you may need to compromise on a vendor or venue that was already booked that day.  If you're set on the venue, pick your date based on their availability. If there's a vendor that you absolutely have to have on your dream team-choose your date based on what they have open.  Some vendors and venues book up very quickly and you may need to choose a date a year plus in advance.  


Consider the Season:

Nebraska weather is unpredictable, to say the least.  So, consider the seasons when picking your venue and date.  Choosing a date for an outdoor wedding doesn't come without the chance of rain, wind, snow, heat, or storms.  So make sure your venue has a backup plan or, make sure to budget for a backup plan.  I've had outdoor weddings in 100+ degrees, ones where it rained, and ones where there was an unexpected cold spell.  I've also had one that took place in a park the morning after a tornado went through--the groomsmen were out cutting down trees and clearing the area.  Also consider what would happen if a snow storm came through and roads were closed and guests and vendors couldn't get to your venue, even if it was all inside!  Consider investing in wedding insurance if you're at all worried about the weather! 


Consider Location and Local Events:

If you or your fiancé are from Nebraska, you're probably aware of local events that happen every year.  Like the Berkshire Hathaway event in April and the College World Series in June in Omaha.  And the game days in Lincoln. These are just examples of major events, but it's always good to check event schedules for other major concerts, conventions or events. These events don't have to prohibit you from planning your wedding during those times (although the week the Huskers have a bye in the fall is ALWAYS one of the quickest Saturdays to book up!). But, consider a few things when booking during those events.  Hotels tend to be more expensive and fill up faster during those events.  If you have a lot of out of town guests, this may make finding accommodations for them more difficult.  Flights, especially during the College World Series and Berkshire event tend to be more expensive.  Traffic and parking in downtown Omaha and downtown Lincoln is already difficult, but on a game day or during an event, it's even harder to find (and more expensive).  Make sure to check on parking options with your venue.  Consider providing transportation or, choose a venue outside of the area that the event is going on. 


Hopefully these tips will get you thinking about some of the things to consider while planning. If you're in need of a wedding planner, event designer, or florist, let me know! 

XO Lindsay