My Wedding Design Process

Want a little sneak peek on what it's like to be a Wedding Design and Floral client with us? Well you're in luck!  I'm so excited to share some of my details with you today!

Start with a consultation:
I like to jump on a phone call, video chat, or meet with any potential clients before we move forward with a contract.  I think it's so important that my clients understand what I'll do for them when working with them on wedding design and that they trust me.  Talking is so much more personal than email and I can explain my process and answer any questions so much easier that way.  I also get to hear all about the event that you're planning and make sure I'm the best fit for you.  I want to make sure our styles match, because if they don't it makes the whole process hard.  There are a lot of talented designers out there that may be a better fit, but I won't know that unless I'm able to talk to the potential client first.  

Begin with the big picture:
Once we're officially booked we'll sit down and I'll get to know more about your wedding.  I like to start by drawing inspiration and style from your venue. If we need to walk through the venue I can add a venue tour to your package.  I also love to hear about what you've already planned for your wedding.  If you've already ordered bridesmaid dresses or ordered your dress that gives us a starting point on colors.  If you've decided that you want a plated dinner vs a buffet it gives me an idea of the formality of the event.  

Once I get an idea of what you already have set in stone, I want to hear about your vision.  I want you to tell me how you want your wedding day to feel, the colors, and the style. I want to see a few of your absolute favorite images from Pinterest, Instagram, or Blogs.  Then after that meeting, I'll put together your inspiration board.  

  All images are from blogs or Pinterest for inspiration only and not owned by me. 

All images are from blogs or Pinterest for inspiration only and not owned by me. 

Your inspiration board will look similar to the one above, but of course in your colors and style.  We'll use the inspiration board for everything design related and refer back to it throughout the planning process.  Any decor or design related detail will fit seamlessly with this inspiration. If I'm not working with you on full planning, I encourage you to take this board with you to your other vendors so they can stay consistent with our overall vision and color pallet as well.

Consider Every Detail:
Once the big picture is finalized and you've signed off on the inspiration, we'll start discussing a budget for the florals and the details.  It's really easy to see specialty everything on Pinterest and want to achieve that same look, but then get stuck on the budget.  I'll work with your venue and caterer to see what they provide and then we'll discuss what items you want to use and what you want to rent.  I have a full checklist that we go through and discuss, but items include tables, linens, table numbers, stationery, your cake, place settings, florals, decor, favors, and more.  Once I have an idea of the budget and what we want to rent or buy, I'll put together the design presentation.  A sneak peek of one is below.  

All images are sourced from the web or Pinterest and for inspiration only. I do not own these images.

When I put together the design presentation, I also put together the floral presentation.  I present them together so when you see the images in the ceremony slide, I'll also present the floral details.  In this case, it would be the chair ties, backdrop, aisle florals, and lanterns.  At the end I'll present the total costs for rentals, decor, and florals. Plus the set up and delivery charges.  

Once the presentation is over, we'll make any changes based on your likes and dislikes.  I'll make the adjustments and do any additional pricing research for the items that we're changing.  Once the design is exactly how you want it, you'll sign off of the design presentation, the floral presentation, and the list of included items.  

The Final Details:
From there, I'll collect payments of items that we're purchasing or renting and 25% of the floral costs.  I'll begin ordering and reserving rentals and decor, building custom decor, and putting together any special details. All items (unless otherwise discussed) will get delivered to my studio and I'll transport them to the event.  One month before the event I'll finalize numbers with you to order flowers and communicate guest count to the rental companies.  Your final payment will also be due.  

The Wedding Week:
My team and I will double check that all your details have been delivered as planned.  We'll also receive flowers and begin working on the florals for your big day.  On your wedding day we'll come into your venue and set up all decor from linens to florals to installations.  Your venue will be transformed into your dream wedding.  

I LOVE wedding design and would love to work with you!  Send me an email and let's get started designing your dream day!

XO Lindsay