Keeping Your Guests Informed

There are so many details that go into your wedding day.  So how do you make sure your guests have all the info they need? 

Start with Save the Dates:
Start by announcing your wedding date and location by sending out Save the Dates.  I typically suggest sending these out 6-12 months in advance.  If you're planning a destination wedding, I would send them out closer to a year.  

Build A Wedding Website:
Websites are great because you can include so much information there and update it constantly.  Send your website information out with Save the Dates and let your guests know to check in frequently for updates and information.  Some of my favorite things to list on a website are:

  • Your accommodations information: any info about room blocks or places to stay for your wedding.  
  • Your invitation information plus addition details
    • Consider noting if guests should plan to arrive early because they should plan on walking a few minutes to the ceremony location.  
    • The event dress code and if heels are appropriate (if you're planning an outdoor wedding, flats might be the best bet!)
    • Dinner and allergy information
    • A map and directions, including parking or transportation information
  • You registry information (since it's against etiquette to put it in your invitations)
  • Local information, attractions, and your favorite restaurants 
  • Your Love Story
  • Information about your bridal party
  • Your engagement pictures

Send out Formal Invitations:
About 6-8 weeks before your wedding day, you can send out your formal invitation suite.  I have a blog post planned with the wonderful Dana from DSY Invitations that goes into more detail about what to include, but here's an overview.  

  • The Formal Invitation
  • The RSVP Card
  • The Enclosure card (listing your website, accommodations, and reception information)
  • A map
  • And any other special touches you may want to include!

The Wedding Week and Weekend:
Provide Reminders (In case anyone left their invitation at home):
Once your guests start arriving for your wedding weekend, it's nice to provide some reminders of the schedule.  You can leave a master schedule at the front desk of your hotel for your guests to pick up.  Or, you could include a timeline in your welcome gifts.  

It's also great to assign ushers and hosts for events.  Having a designated host couple at your rehearsal and reception is a great way to direct guests to the correct locations at the right time.  And ushers are great for your ceremony.  Even if they're not seating guests, they can direct guests to the ceremony location and make sure everyone is seated as planned.  

Making sure that your guests know what events are taking place, where they're going, and what time they're supposed to arrive can help your event run much smoother.  The more places guests can find the information they need, the more likely that they're going to remember the details and be on time, making your wedding day schedule easier as well!

XO Lindsay