Finding Vendors on Instagram

Good Morning!

Chances are you're one busy bride or groom to be, and wedding planning only adds to your busy schedule.  It's hard to keep track of the number of websites you've looked at to find your vendors. Chances are, you've probably been a bit overwhelmed by the whole process.  

Jumping on Google and typing in "Omaha Wedding Planner" or "Omaha Wedding Florist" is a great start to finding your vendor dream team.  You'll come up with hundreds if not thousands of results and sorting through that list can be time consuming!  Then, once you start clicking on the links, what if you're not finding the style that you're looking for? You can't tell a lot about a vendor by Google search results, so you'll have to spend the time looking at each website.  

Now, I'm not saying step away from the Google search entirely.  It's still going to be your best option for finding your dream vendors.  But, what if there was another option that you could look at images first, click on the ones that match your style, and find your vendors visually? I'm a very visual person, so I love being able to use Instagram!  

Instagram isn't just for all those selfies and food pictures.  It's a great tool that many business are using to share their business. Not only will you see a visual representation of their work, but you'll often times learn more about the behind the scenes process and the heart behind the company.  You'll also be able to see the last time they posted, which is a great way to know if the company is still in business.  (Sometimes you'll come across a website that you're not sure when it was last updated!)

The easiest way to search Instagram for your vendors is through hashtags. Open up your app, click on the search tool, and enter in your search term.  Then, click the tags option to pull up the hashtags! Click on the hashtag and you'll be able to view all the vendors that use that hashtag!  

Here's some of my favorite tags to search!

  • omahaweddingplanner
  • nebraskaweddingplanner
  • nebraskabride
  • nebraskawedding
  • omahabride
  • nebraskaflorist
  • omahaflorist
  • nebride
  • newedding
  • omahawedding
  • omahaweddingphotographer
  • omahamakeupartist
  • omahaweddingvideography
  • omahaweddingvenue

You can also search instagram by location. Search for Venue and Vendor names  and choose the location search result. You'll see any pictures that someone tagged in that location. A lot of times when you look at the images in the location tag, they're posted by different vendors showcasing their work at that venue. You'll also get an idea of what the space looks like during an event, which is always good inspiration! 

As you search hashtags and locations, you can view the profile of a vendor that caught your eye. You'll be able to see a lot of their work, find out a little about them, and follow their profile link to their website. It's an easy way to see if their style visually matches yours. 

So, tell me! How do you find your vendors? Would you consider searching through instagram? What hashtags do you search? 

XO Lindsay