Creating Your Guest List

You want to spend your wedding day with the most important people in your life.  But how do you choose who should and shouldn't be invited to your wedding? It's not an easy thing to narrow down!  So, here are some guidelines.  But remember, it's your decision to make.  

But first, Why?

  • As great as it would be to invite everyone you know to your wedding, the simple fact is, the more guests, the higher the cost. The more guests, the more tables, florals, food, drinks, favors, and more. Unless you have an unlimited budget, you need to cut your guest list off somewhere. 
  • Also, venues have capacity limits.  There are very few wedding venues in Omaha that will hold over 400 guests.  
  • Finally, it's your wedding day-you want to be surrounded by people that are really important to you.  You want to be able to greet everyone, spend time with them, and still enjoy dancing and your reception.

Then, How?

Here's some questions to start asking.  


  • Start narrowing down your list--decide where you want to cut off family invitations.  Does your second cousin that you haven't seen since that family reunion 10 years ago really need an invite? But, then maybe you have a second cousin that you're really close to--does that mean they need to be off the list?  No, decide by relationship AND how close you are to the person.  
  • Okay, what about your family's children? If you and your cousin were really close as kids, but you haven't seen them in years and they have kids, should you invite the whole family? It depends--have you met the kids? Are you having other children at your reception? Would they be able to find child care for the event? 


  • How close are you? Would you feel comfortable picking up your phone and calling this person just to chat? Would you hang out with this person one on one, or just as a group? Or are they more of an acquaintance?
  • How often do you see each other and how long has it been? Do you really need to invite that friend from high school that you have seen in 12 years? 


  • Handing out plus ones can be even trickier than choosing who to invite.  
  • Consider the relationship:
    • Is the person married or engaged? Then their significant other should be invited.  
    • Is the guest seriously dating someone? How long has it been? Have you met the significant other? If it's a pretty serious relationship, they should be invited. 
    • If they're not dating someone and you need to trim your guest list, only inviting the person you know without a plus one is perfectly acceptable.  
  • Consider who they know: If the person you want to invite has other friends or family attending and they aren't in a serious relationship, they will have other people to talk to and sit with, so a plus one isn't usually necessary.  If they don't know anyone else, it's probably a good idea to let them bring a plus one, if you can make room.  

There aren't a lot of "rules" for who to invite.  The biggest advice I share with my clients is--if you feel like you'd miss them on your wedding day, send them an invite.  Make sure to create your guestlist based on who's important to you!

XO LIndsay