How to use Pinterest to Define your Style

Chances are, you probably have been secretly pinning wedding related pins on a hidden board long before you were engaged.  it's okay, this is a safe place. You can admit it!  But, if you've been keeping a board for 2, 3, 4+ years, who knows what all you have pinned on there.  It can be overwhelming, so here's some tips for you to create a cohesive board that will be helpful while you're planning.  

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 9.19.29 AM.png

1. Start Fresh. 
Start a new board.  You don't have to delete your old one if you have one, but starting a new one helps you narrow down your vision.  You can keep it secret if you don't want to share it with all of your followers, it's totally your call! 

2. Pick Your Colors.
Decide what colors you want to use in your wedding color palette.  Jump over to Pantone and play around in their color studio to find colors you love.  Then pin them to the top of your board so you can reference them as you're planning

3. Define your Style.
Before you start pinning like crazy, define your style.  Pick 3-4 key words and use them in your board description.  Think of words that will describe the pins on the board.  If you can't think of words, think about your reception and ceremony venues.  How would you describe them?  Is your venue Rustic? Classic? Modern? Elegant? Name your board " Our Modern, Elegant Wedding".  

4. Keep your Pins Cohesive.
Once you define your wedding style and pick your colors, only pin items that match your colors AND your description.   I know it's hard because there are so many things on Pinterest.  But, this board is to narrow down your vision.  

5. Be Selective.
Use Pinterest as a search engine.  Search by category and pin only items that you LOVE.  Then once you've added multiple pins from that category, go back and narrow them down.  These pins are what you'll share with your vendors.  If you have one naked cake, one marbled fondant cake, and one buttercream cake, you baker isn't going to know which one to quote.  It's fine to keep 3-5 pins from the same category on your board, but make sure they're similar enough that your vendors will understand your vision. 

6. Change your Descriptions: 
You know how each pin has stuff written underneath it? Edit that and note what you like about the Pin or what you would change.  If you found the perfect bouquet but it's not the exact colors, note that.  

Here's one of my boards that I've created for a wedding.  It's not a lot of pins, but it shows a clear vision.  

Let me know if you have questions or if you want a wedding Pinterest board review!

XO Lindsay