Friday Mix: Making Ours: Our new HOusE!

Happy Friday!

It has been a busy week here on the blog!  I'm working to market my business in Omaha and contacting some amazing local businesses.  I'm so excited to start working in this market and I know that I'm going to meet some amazing new friends here!  

I've also been working with vendors to start getting blog posts ready to launch Brides and Bubbly!  I've decided to wait until April to officially launch because I want everything to be perfect!  I can't wait to launch this resource and I know it's going to be so helpful for brides. 

But today, I wanted to share with you a little more about our move and our new house!  

Ever since we found out I was pregnant last August, my husband Reid and I have been talking about moving to Omaha.  I have always wanted to be closer to my family and with the addition of our new little one, I knew it was time for us to start thinking about it seriously.  We knew his job was going to be key in moving, so he started apply for new positions in October. He was absolutely amazing and sent out so many resumes and applied for a lot of positions.  

We started looking at houses right away last winter, mostly to start getting an idea of the market, but the houses in the area and price range we were looking at tended to sell and sell fast.    My phone would blow up with Zillow, Trulia, and notifications.  I'd find a house that I would fall in love with, and it would sell.  

The first week of December brought some good news-Reid had 4 interviews!  We celebrated and made a meeting with a mortgage broker and lined up a ton of open houses to go see over the weekend.  I was so excited and was hoping we could give our notice and work to move over the holidays!  It was all going as planned!

About that same time a new house popped up on Zillow and I fell in love!  It was a light blue two story in an established neighborhood with a big front porch.  It wasn't as new and updated as some of the other houses, but it was in the area I wanted to be in.  it also was 2200+ square feet and had four bedrooms!  Most of the houses we were looking at were either in a new development and only had 3 bedrooms or were really dated with 4 very small bedrooms.  This house was perfect for us and if Reid could only get job, we could make an offer right away!

Unfortunately, God had other plans for us. Reid got one offer, but the pay wasn't strong enough to support us.  Another company had budgeting issues and couldn't offer out the position until mid to late February!  And they hired internally for another and went with someone with more experience for the other position.  

The holidays came and went and I was trying so hard to put our journey in God's hands.  I knew if we couldn't make an offer on a house by the end of February that we probably wouldn't be able to move before the baby came.   Mid January, Reid had 3 more interviews and by the end of the month he had 3 offers!!!!  We were so excited!   

The first week of February we scheduled house showings with a realtor. There were 4 new houses on the market that really met our criteria, plus somehow or another our big blue house with the porch was still on the market!  Unfortunately of the new house that went on the market on Monday, three had offers by Friday.  

Reid, my mom, and I looked at 7 houses on Saturday and narrowed it down to 2 to relook at with my dad and sister on Sunday.  One was on the lower side of our price range, had 3 bedrooms, and was in a brand new development.  It was a little outside of my ideal area, but it was a cute house. It was pretty updated and was only 4 years old.  But, I didn't love that it was more of a cookie cutter house.  The other was my blue house.  It was about 500 square feet bigger, had 4 bedrooms (one perfect for my office), a huge kitchen with a pantry, but wasn't updated and needed a lot of work.  It was also at the top of our price range.  

I felt like we were on house hunters!  Neither house was absolutely perfect, but for our budget, we couldn't  get some big huge house that looks like it's straight off of Pinterest.  I was team Blue House while Reid was team New House.  But after lots of talking, I got my way (lol) and we put an offer in on the Blue house!  

It's been a journey and I'm planning to share more, but since I want to keep this platform focused on weddings and my brides, I'm sharing our life and our house reno on a new blog!  You can jump over to to follow along!  With a new baby coming soon, I knew I would want to share a lot more personal posts but I didn't want to change this platform, so you can find them there!  

We're so excited to move-we're set to close on April 1st, so be sure to follow along with all of our projects and my life as a new mom! 

Cheers!  Lindsay