Boss Lady Beginnings: January Goal Progress

Happy Monday Boss Ladies!

I can't believe the first month of the year is over already! It's been a busy January and I don't think this year is going to slow down anytime soon!

I want to touch base on my goals at the end of each month this year to help myself remember what I want to accomplish and to to help hold myself accountable.  So, here's my update from January!!

Business Goals

Business Goals

1. Increase my bookings from 2015-2016 and work to take my business full time.  
I haven't booked any new C&C brides this month, but I'm actually okay with that.  With the new baby coming in April, our family has so many changes coming up (that I can't wait to share with you!).  So, as excited and blessed I would be to book another bride, I can be patient with this goal.  On the other hand, I feel like I'm getting closer to being able to take my business full time.  My husband and I are ready to sit down and make a 5 year plan in the next few months and really discuss our finances.  

2. Launch Brides and Bubbly-an Online site for DIY brides. 
I'm getting so excited about this launch!  I am planning to launch in February and am just in the finishing stages of putting together the website.  I am in the process of reaching out to vendors to see if anyone is interested in submitting weddings, shoots, and blog posts to feature on the blog. I really want this site to be educational for the bride-filled with advice, DIY ideas, and gorgeous inspiration.

3. Focus on my Blog and Social Media
I've been doing pretty well keeping up with the blog!  I wish I could get more than a week ahead with posts, but I'm struggling writing more than 3 in a row.  I'm also doing pretty terrible keeping up on social media (which is both a good and bad thing-since one of my personal goals is to spend more intentional time with my family).  I definitely need to get a better system together of posting on Facebook and Instagram with each of my blog posts and try to plan some better posts in between.  I really want to be posting at least once a day on both C&C and Brides and Bubbly.  

4. Build SEO for my website. 
I haven't even touched on this yet.  I saved a few blog posts but that's all the further I've gotten.  I know it's going to be so important in the upcoming weeks, so I definitely need to make some time to read up on SEO!

5. Build Vendor Connections
I've kind of put this one on hold for now...I want to make sure that each connection that I build is extremely intentional and has the possibility to be mutually beneficial.  At this point in the year, I don't think that I have the time to really commit to this, but really want to focus on this in the upcoming months! Each wedding that I work on, I really want to make sure that I am working with vendors and forming a deeper connection than "hi nice to meet you, thank you for delivering your ______ (insert service here).

Personal Goals

1. Be more intentional with my family time.
I feel like I'm doing a little better with this.  I absolutely want to keep improving, but I want to make sure when we're having dinner or spending time together, that I'm not mindlessly scrolling through Facebook or Instagram.  I've also been better at putting my phone away once I get into bed at night.  

2. Put together a system to clean and organize our house (and life).
I STILL (and probably always will) hate housework.  But I've been working hard the last month to go through room by room and get rid of ANYTHING that I don't need or use.  We've taken 2 full car loads of bags to donate filled with books, clothes, shoes, craft supplies, etc. to Goodwill.  I've also filled 10+ garbage bags full for items to get out of our house.  Yes, I know that sounds like a lot and I promise I'm not a hoarder.  I just had a lot of stuff that we didn't need.  It's making me feel so much better!  I can't wait to get an organizational system together!

3. Increase my patience. 
Yeah...about that lol.  I'm still impatient.  But I think it's so important to admit it and remind myself each month that this is something I'm trying to work on.  Like right now, when I'm working on writing my blog post and my husband wants to show me some clip on Reddit or wants me to watch this awesome save by the goalie in NHL allstar game...Deep breath, watch the clip, and remember how much I love him :) 

4. Grow my Faith
I can't believe how much God has given us this year.  Already, He's been making the changes in our life happen just as they're supposed to.  And once I accepted that after Christmas, I've seen Him work towards making my family's dreams come true.  I can't wait to share more details with you in the coming weeks!

5. Stick to a schedule.
This is tough right now.  I'm hoping that it will get easier in the coming weeks, but right now I'm going to have to continue with making things work where they fit.  

Boss ladies, did you set goals for 2016? How are yours going? I'd love to cheer you on from my computer :) I feel like I'm making some progress, but of course I didn't expect everything to fall perfectly into place after one month.  Hopefully I can keep improving!

Enjoy your week!