Boss Lady Beginnings: Taking a Sick Day (or 3)

Happy Monday Boss Ladies! 

Please do me a HUGE favor and excuse the lack of a long and in depth blog post today :)  I've been sick since last Tuesday-coughing, sniffling, and just exhausted. (No, my sick days were not near as pretty as the styled stock photo above!)  Plus, through in all the fun pregnancy symptoms and I could hardly get out of bed last week.  I missed half a day of work Wednesday, all day Thursday, and another half a day Friday at my full time job.  But then I just haven't been back to feeling great yet over the weekend.  UGH!  Not fun at all!  

It made me think about how to take a sick day for my business.  It's not quite as hard to work from home, from my computer, from my bed when I'm sick, but I still didn't get much done.  Wednesday and Thursday my cold had spread to my eyes and they were watering non stop, so I spent almost the entire day(s) sleeping.  Friday, I was a little better, but 5 hours at my full time job wore me out, so the afternoon was spent snuggled with my puppies, napping.  

There were definitely things that I didn't get done that I had planned for last week, but I decided to prioritize.  Clients were #1 with emails being #2.  Everything else was put on pause.  It's hard for me to lay in bed and rest and focus on getting better.  I'm always working on something and I even struggle to sit down and watch a movie with my husband without my computer in front of me.  

How do you take a sick day boss ladies? I'd love to hear any advice you have for me!  

Have a great rest of your week!

Cheers! Lindsay