Friday Mix: Baby Gender Reveal Party

The Sunday after Christmas we had gender reveal party at my parents' house.  I had so much planned for it, but I didn't get it all done.  Between traveling to Nebraska, having Christmas with my family on Christmas Eve and my mom's extended side of the family on Christmas day, we had the 26th to put everything together.  My mom and grandma worked so hard to make lots of brunch items-baby cinnamon rolls, pancakes, egg puffs, sausage, muffins, and more.  Reid and I worked on all the sweets.  Needless to say, I do not have a future career as a baker. Reid's cookies looked better than mine did-I just don't have the patience to decorate each one perfectly! My macarons didn't settle and my meringues cracked.  But everything tasted really good!   

We had about 35 friends and relatives come to our house for the party and we had about 5 others watching via skype.  Reid's mom and sister drove down from Minnesota and surprised us for the party.  After everyone arrived we ate brunch and then Reid and I went upstairs to get the piñata ready for the big reveal! Watch the video below to see what we found out! The video isn't the best quality, but you'll be able to see what the baby is! 

Reid and I had actually found out we were having a boy on December 10th but told everyone we were waiting to find out until the day of the party so we wouldn't accidentally give up the info.  We also announced our name: Brooks Thomas Johnson will be joining our family in April!  There is a story behind his name.  Reid lost his dad Tom (Thomas) last March so since we knew we were expecting I had Thomas picked out as a boys middle name.  Reid is named after a hockey player and so he wanted his son to be so as well.  (He's a huge hockey fan and loves to play.) Reid came up with the name Brooks after Herb Brooks-the Miracle on Ice hockey coach.  I love the name-it's unique (especially since our last name is Johnson) but it's not too different.  

The rest of the week, my mom, Reid and I went power shopping.  We're doing his nursery in grey and white with jungle animals (mainly elephants) so we found so much fun stuff to buy.  We also started buying a few outfits on clearance but it's so hard to guess his size!  He was measuring in the 23rd percentile on our ultrasound but Reid and I are both so tall that I wouldn't be surprised if he's long when he's born.  We also picked out a stroller, carseat, pack and play, and high chair.  We started our registry and wow are there so many things that a baby needs!!!

I can't wait to share our journey with this new little boy.  I'm hoping you'll all hang with us through this exciting time!  


Cheers!  Lindsay