Blissfully Engaged: Determining your style

Happy Wednesday Brides to Be! 

So I know last week--planning your budget is one of the hardest parts of your wedding planning process, but this week and determining your style is my favorite.  (I know I said we would be concentrating on vendor research this week, but I think this step is more important to do first.  We'll move on to that next week!)

This week is the first steps to designing your wedding, which really needs to be determined before you start reaching out to vendors. You can download your Style Planning worksheet here.  

To fill out the worksheet, print out 3 copies.  One for the bride, one for the groom, and one for the final decisions.  (Even if you're planning to hire a wedding designer, it's great to do this before you initial meeting so you have an idea of what you want.) You and your fiancé should fill the form out separately to see what each of you is thinking and then sit down together to fill out the final form.  I highly encourage you to talk through the form together and make sure to include both of your ideas.  

The point of the form is to start with a cohesive plan for your day.  When you fill out your final form and fill in your descriptors, you want to make sure everything goes together.  Yes, circle all that apply, but you don't want to go overboard because that's where you can end up with an event that has too many mix and match elements. For example, it's probably not a good idea to have a Rustic, Nautical, Bold, Modern, Off beat wedding.  I would encourage you to narrow it down to two or three words: Off beat, Fun wedding or Romantic, Classic wedding.  

Once you have your final worksheet determined, then start a Pinterest board. (check out my boards if you need a little inspiration to get you started!)  If you already have one, that's fine but I still encourage you to start a new one that focuses solely on your vision.  Pin all your favorite ideas that match your style worksheet.  I know its hard to see all those beautiful pins that don't match your theme and manage to not pin them, but I promise you your wedding will come together easier if you keep it cohesive. (Cohesive is one of my key words for wedding planning and designing, so get ready to hear it a lot in the next few weeks!)

Once you have a good amount of Pins on your new board, save your favorite 5-6 in a folder on your computer.  Pull pins from different areas of your board (one of flowers, one of the cake, one of an ideal venue, etc.).  Then head over to Violet to create your board! (If you missed my blog post on this awesome new website, find out why I love it here!) This will create a clean and clear vision for you to use when researching vendors!  (Which we'll cover next week, I promise!)

I know wedding planning can get overwhelming quickly, so remember I offer virtual wedding branding and design help or virtual planning and organizing packages!  Just shoot me a message and we can get started! (You'll also get access to all my worksheets at once instead of having to wait for them each week!) 

Hope you have a wonderful rest of your week!  Share what you've been working on by tagging me in your posts on Instagram and using the hashtag #blissfullyengaged!

Cheers! Lindsay