Boss Lady Beginnings: Coaching with Kat

Happy Monday!

I had hoped to post this last Monday, but sometimes life gets in the way of my best made plans! 

My tip this week for all of you boss ladies out there, is to find a mentor, coach, or industry friend.

(please do not judge this pictures, it's right after Kat made us all cry at Creative at Heart)

After I got back from Creative at Heart, I was so motivated.  After getting home and reading through my notes, I started getting overwhelmed again.  Since I hadn't officially started my business yet, I didn't know where to start.  I had a brand, logo, and Instagram, but I didn't have a Facebook page for my business and I didn't have a website.  I also didn't know if building a company around my girly pink brand was the best idea. 

I reached out to Kat, owner of Dear Sweetheart Events and founder of the Creative at Heart Conference.  She offered coaching so I decided to set up a session with her.  I cannot recommend her enough.  She is so helpful, encouraging, and positive.  


She was able to give me suggestions, answered my questions and gave me confidence.  One of my biggest questions was about building my brand.  I loved my calligraphy and watercolor business cards that I had designed, but I was worried that brides that didn't like my brand wouldn't consider hiring me.  One of the biggest things I took away from the call was when building a brand, you have to be true to yourself.  If you build a brand that is based on trend or what you think your brides are going to respond to, your brand isn't going to be as strong as it could be.  You want to make sure that your personality is reflected in everything that you do!

I was worried about putting up a Facebook page before my website, but she encouraged me to start on right away to start gaining a following. I launched my Facebook page by the end of the week!

I was also worried about creating a website.  I didn't have the funds to pay for a custom site, but Kat suggested trying Squarespace.  (More on building a website soon!) Custom sites are amazing and I may end up going in that direction eventually, but for now I absolutely LOVE Squarespace.  I had planned to launch in July so I could take my time and make sure everything was in line, but with some encouragement, I moved my launch to April. (which I hit!)  


I cannot tell you how much having that Skype call with Kat has helped.  I went into the call with the tools to start my business from Creative at Heart, but after my coaching call, I came out with a game plan.  Find yourself a mentor or coach, someone that can ask questions to and bounce ideas off.  

I don't have near the experience that some others do, but I hope in a year or two I can offer the kind of help to others that Kat has shared with me!  I love teaching and sharing with others, so if you just need a little encouragement, shoot me an email and I'd be happy to help with anything I can!

Cheers! Lindsay