Boss Lady Beginings: Creative at Heart Conference

 Happy Monday Boss Ladies!

Last week I wanted to introduce you to my journey of building my business and this week I want to tell you what really encouraged me to take the leap of faith.

Last November I heard about the Creative at Heart Conference and I was immediately intrigued.  The lineup of speakers and panelists was an amazing group of ladies in the creative world that I really looked up to.  I went back and forth about attending, but when they announced the last four seats, I decided to take the risk.  After I purchased the ticket, I had major anxiety about the amount of money I spent, but it was worth every penny.  (I paid for the conference with personal money since I hadn't started my business yet)

I was so nervous before the conference--I didn't know if I belonged there since I didn't have a real business yet.  But once I arrived, I found out there were so many women that hadn't started or were just in their first year. Everyone was so encouraging and positive.

Learning from the amazing ladies in January was what really gave me the confidence to start my company.  There were so many amazing speakers--Katelyn JamesNatalie Franke, Alexandra from Heart Love Always, and of course Kat from Dear Sweetheart Events. Plus so many more speakers and panelists that were equally amazing!  I left with a notebook with pages full of knowledge and advice that I would never have even thought of while planning a new business (SEO anyone?).  I loved hearing the stories the speakers shared about their struggles and achievements.  

Creative at Heart Conference

The conference was my first spring board to starting my business.  I learned so much and met so many new friends who have really been there with advice and encouragement as I launched.  Conferences are an investment into your business but If you don't have the means right away, find a community, group, or a friend who is going through (or has gone through) the same thing.  Having someone there that "gets it" is so helpful!  

Creative at Heart Details-Creative at Heart Details-0211.jpg

One of the biggest things I took away from the conference was from Natalie.  She told us to befriend each other, build relationships, and share constant support.  I truly believe the support I have from other creatives is the foundation for my business.  I can't stress the importance to make these connections and build that support behind you.  Creating a business is hard, it's scary, and sometimes it's lonely. So, Email me!  I would love to encourage you! 


Images Via {Annamarie Akins, Caroline Logan, and Abby Grace}