Boss Lady Beginnings: Creating a Client Experience

Happy Monday Boss Ladies!

Happy New Year! Thanks for bearing with me as I took a break from blogging over the holidays!   

If you've been following along the last few weeks, I've spent my Mondays talking about how I'm working to build my business around my ideal client.  To review, my ideal client is the bride. She loves fashion, social media, her friends and family, and she wants a marriage more beautiful than her wedding.  Her wedding style is blog worthy and her budget is bigger in order to accommodate all kinds of special details.  So now that my ideal client is defined and I've decided on some ways to find her, I've started to work on my client experience.  

When I first started my business it was very important to me that I had contracts and some documents for my brides. But, the info in those documents was much more important than how they looked.  I've learned the info is still just as important, but it's also important to brand everything.  From the first email that goes out to your brides to your welcome packet to your client gift: everything should be a reflection of your company.  You didn't create (or pay to have your brand created) to only use it on your business cards and website.  You want to create an impact and use your brand to make people remember you.  

No, branding isn't everything, but your overall client experience is.  You want to make your bride feel special the entire experience. Since my ideal client likes pretty details and special touches, she's going to notice the difference between a planner who hands her documents printed on white computer paper in the default font vs. the planner that hands her a pretty packet wrapped in ribbon and printed in the brand's colors on heavy weight cotton paper. Add in a special treat or gift that matches your brand (I include a custom gold foil print) and make her feel special.  My ideal bride loves to be spoiled, but never expects it. You want to make her feel special and important before she books you and continue it throughout the process.  

Are these extras going automatically make brides book with me? No, probably not--nothing should ever feel like a bribe.  But from my initial meeting, I should be memorable to the bride.  Maybe she'll even share my pretty packaging and her new gold foil print on social media--and if she's my ideal client she most likely has friends that are potential clients as well.  

Once the bride actually books with me, I put together a custom welcome gift.  Every one is slightly different, but the big items are the same.   I include a bottle of champagne, two champagne glasses, custom branded coasters (does this all make sense?), and a hand written thank you note.  I am SO thankful for each and every couple who books with me!  I make sure everything is pretty (and Instagram worthy) so they feel like they're getting a present--and who doesn't love presents!  

During our first meeting, I surprise my bride with a custom binder full of worksheets.  I don't ask them to fill out the pages, but want them to have it as a resource to plan ahead if they would like.  It's also helpful if they have the pages in front of them because I walk through the entire binder during one of our last planning meetings to make sure that I am aware of every detail for the big day.  Again the binder and every page is branded with my colors and fonts.  

Remember though, pretty can't make up for service.  So spoil your client with special touches, but make sure you also stay on top of their questions, emails, and timeline.  Spoil them with your services.  Go above and beyond.  Extend your client experience to your client every chance you get.  Your clients can give you referrals, can be references, and can turn into great friends!  

Cheers!  Lindsay