Boss Lady Beginnings: Defining my Ideal Client

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Happy Monday Boss Ladies!  

It's the second week of December already!  I spent last week in New York City for my full time job and I just love the city at Christmas time.  I can't wait to get home for the holidays in a couple short weeks!

Today, I want to share my ideal client with you.  After taking the blogging course with Nevica that I talked about last week, I had a much better idea about who my ideal client was.  I can not tell you how important it is to have your ideal client figured out, because if you don't, you're never going to get those weddings that you're dreaming about!  

My first year in business, I took any bride who would book me.  Overall, my brides were great!  But...I had one that didn't fit my style and looking back, didn't fit within my ideal client category at all.  I absolutely don't regret taking her on as a client though because I learned SO MUCH!  

I won't give away Nevica's secrets, because the course was amazing and she had a great process that I went through to define my idea client and I absolutely recommend taking it yourself. But, I still want to share with you who that client is for me.  

My ideal client is the Bride. Not the mother, mother in law or even the groom.  Does that sound terrible?  I know the wedding is about the COUPLE and insist to work with them, and I LOVE working with the groom as well, but I'm marketing to girl with that pretty ring on her left hand. 

My brand is pretty and feminine and details are important to me.  So naturally, my ideal client is going to want a wedding with those same aspects.  My ideal bride is a lot like me.  I want to be friends with my brides, get to know them--help them plan a genuine wedding day that reflects their (& their groom's) style and their personality.   

My ideal bride is younger--between 25 and 35.  Her time is important to her and while she loves Pinning and daydreaming about her wedding, she's busy and just doesn't have time to plan.  She wants someone who can take her ideas and design her big day so she can balance her time between her career and her friends and family. She loves social media and always has the latest technology. She's fashionable, but doesn't necessarily want to follow the latest trend, unless it fit's her classic style.  She wants her wedding to have a lot of detail, but doesn't want to go overboard.  She wants a gorgeous wedding, but she wants their marriage to be more beautiful than their wedding.

My ideal bride's wedding is blog worthy, in other words, it's full of special and unique details.  Keeping a cohesive color palette and theme are important.  Florals are a must and really make a statement. Decor elements stretch from linens to centerpieces to place settings, and all of these are incorporated in the design. Their budgets are large enough to accommodate all these details that often come as an up charge. My ideal brides all have similar personalities, but that doesn't mean their styles are all the same.  I want to work with brides with unique styles and the most important factor is that they're staying true to their personal style.   

I started a Pinterest board that gives me a visual of my ideal client.  I love pinning pictures of what I think my bride looks like, wedding elements that she would love, and accessories that she can't live without.  I am such a visual person and I love being able to view the board and see exactly who I should be marketing to.    

Now that I've defined my idea client, I'm really working to build a business that appeals to them. I updated my website a few months ago and one of my favorite pages is my About page.  I added a section with details about the C&C Bride.  Although not every bride that inquires about my services may see this page, but I think a lot of them will.  I hope that it helps narrow down my inquires and encourages my ideal client to reach out to me.  

Next week I want to share what I'm doing to reach that ideal client!  

Cheers!  Lindsay