Boss Lady Beginnings: Defining my Blogging Strategy

Happy Monday Boss Ladies!  

Over the last year since I've started my business, I've learned a lot.  When I started my business I knew that I should have a blog, but I didn't really understand WHAT I should be blogging about.  So when I launched my website I didn't really have a blogging plan.  I decided on my schedule, but I struggled figuring out what to write about. I wanted to be helpful in my posts but I was worried with being a new business owner, that I didn't have the knowledge to share. So, I ended up not blogging: I just stopped blogging for a long time and didn't make it a priority.  

Back in August I took an amazing course with Nevica Vazquez all about blogging and it helped me so much!  Not only did it help me with my business structure in general, but it really made me understand blogging. I also walked away with over 100 blog post ideas!!! (SERIOUSLY, that's HUGE) If you're a business owner and you're struggling with blogging, I absolutely recommend that you contact her about taking the course when it launches.  I can't say enough good things about the course!  (I promise I'm not being paid to encourage you to take the course, it's just that good!)

So after I took the course I wanted to jump right back into blogging, but I found I was pregnant (and constantly sick and exhausted) and didn't want to start something that I wasn't going to be able to keep up with. So, I waited until I ended my first wedding season to start up my blog again. So now that I'm back to blogging, I want to set some goals and share some tips for you.

Things I've Learned about Blogging: 

  • You need your own images!
    • I found out a couple months into blogging that pulling images from Pinterest and other blogs, even if you credit back to the original source, is illegal.  That's scary!  I was so embarrassed that I committed such a major faux pas in the creative world and immediately went back and deleted any blog posts that I did this in.  I've seen so many other blogger pull images from major blogs and Pinterest to posts,so I thought it was acceptable.  It's not.  The photographer who took that image owns that image and it's not acceptable for you to use it without permission.  So sending a simple email asking for permission is totally fine, but make sure you do that!  
    • Being a new small business owner, I didn't have images from any of my events or photoshoots back, so I didn't have anything to share.  This was a huge problem for me and one of the biggest reasons I stopped blogging.  Here's some tips!
      •  You can use stock images for your blog, there are some amazing resources out there for great images.  
      • Buy styled flats.  I love SC Stockshop and KateMaxShop for these.  
      • Take your own! I'm not a photographer by any means but I'm challenging myself to learn the basics so I have unique images on my blog.  Using stock images is great for short term, but it's really important to me that my unique brand is reflected in my blog and I don't feel like I can do that with stock images.  
  • Blog for your Ideal Client
    • This was a huge thing I learned in my blogging course from Nevica. She took me through an amazing process to figure out exactly who I wanted to market to.  (I'm excited to share more about my ideal client next Monday!) Once I had an ideal client figured out, I learned that I should be writing blog posts geared towards that bride!  (it makes a lot of sense, doesn't it!?!) I should be blogging to brides who want to hire a planner and I shouldn't be blogging about how to plan your own wedding!  It all makes so much sense, but I didn't even think about it when I started blogging!  When I started, I shared my blog posts in local groups where the majority of the brides were budget brides and most likely wouldn't be interested in my services.  My ideal client wants to hire me so she doesn't have to fill out worksheets and research vendors.  So, providing a download for brides to DIY their planning process isn't reaching my client.  Instead, sharing my knowledge and process that make me an expert in the industry is going to reach those brides.  
  • Decide on a Schedule and Stick to it
    • Keeping a blogging schedule is so much more important than I thought!  Even if I don't have a huge following that's reading my blog consistently, taking break can make readers question if I'm still in business.  If you go to a website and see that the last time they blogged was in 2014, would you want to consider them as a vendor?  Would you at least question if they're still in business?  I would!  Also, you build an audience through consistency.  If you have been blogging consistently for the last 2 months and start to build loyal readers but then just stop blogging, you're going to lose those readers.  They're not going continue to check your blog after a couple weeks.  

I'm starting to understand so much more about blogging.  I'm really excited to blog consistently and build an audience.  I also know how much a blog helps for SEO.  I can't wait to watch my progress and please help keep me on schedule!  If you're starting a blog, I'd love to read it and help support you as well!  Send me an email and let's keep each other accountable!  

Cheers! Lindsay