Boss Lady Beginnings: Client Management Systems

Happy Monday Boss Ladies!

One of my goals for the New Year is to make my business easier and more organized.  I'm starting to work to get my systems in place.  I'm not quite all the way there yet, but I'm feeling better already!

Here's what I'm using so far!  

17 Hats

What I love about it:

  • Contracts: It's so nice to be able to send my contract digitally to a bride.  It's even nicer that I have templates that are all set up that I can send out without having to input names or dates.  
  • Quotes: I love being able to send quotes that my brides can pick and choose their options of what they want/what they don't want.
  • Invoices: It's so easy to set up and send an invoice.  It takes 5 minutes to set up and send right to my clients.  They can pay right online!
  • The workflow: I have my step by step workflow setup for my to main two packages from the time my bride books to the day of.  It helps me stay on my timeline and makes sure I'm not missing any steps.  It's also so helpful because I eventually want to bring on an assistant or an intern!

What I don't like about it: 

  • I wish there was an app!  I can't really do anything from my phone during the day.  
  • I can't for the life of me figure out how to sync my bank account with it!  I have a business account through a small credit union and I can't get it to hook up.  
  • It just isn't the easiest for me to navigate.  I wish there was a tab that I could go into and set everything up in the same place and use that same tab to edit everything.  For some reason I can't figure out the easiest way to edit my contracts, email templates, etc.  

I'd love to hear from you and what you're using to keep organized. I don't know that I LOVE 17hats but I also don't know that I want to re-setup everything.  I also know I'm not using 17hats to the best of its ability.  I have until the end of February to decide if I want to try something else or if I want to renew with 17 hats. 

Aisle Planner

What I love about it: 

  • It's so helpful for me to set up my step by step with a bride and store ALL the information in one place.  Because let's be honest, my inbox could be more organized!
  • Brides can log in and update info, answer notes, etc.
  • The timeline creator is my favorite!  I use it for all my events!
  • The guest tracker and seating chart creator are so helpful! I definitely want to use them more in the future for my full planning brides!

What I don't like about it:

  • Really, I just wish 17 hats and Aisle Planner were combined!  I wish I could send invoices and contracts from Aisle Planner!

What am I missing?  What should I try?  I definitely want to work smarter, not harder this year!  I'd love to know what you use to track your finances. Right now I'm using a shoebox and an excel sheet :) 

Have a great week!