Blissfully Engaged: The Stationery Designer

Happy Wednesday Brides to Be! I hope you are all having a fabulous week!  

If you've been following my blog the past couple months, I've been sharing some questions to ask your vendors as you get ready to book them. You really want to select a vendor dream team to make sure your day is absolutely perfect. 

This week I'm sharing some tips to think about when you go to book your stationery designer. 

I'm in love with paper products for weddings and I think that the invitations and stationery items are so important. You set the tone of your event in the eyes of your guests from the first item they receive. I'm a strong believer that your tone should remain cohesive from the Save the Dates to the Thank You cards and everything in between. Your fonts, paper style, colors, graphics, and envelopes can share a story and reflect a style.  

You have lots of options for purchasing invitations, but since I think it's so important that your entire suite is cohesive, I highly recommend working with a designer. Etsy, Minted, Zazzle, etc. offer some great designs, but if they only include some items and skip the place cards, menus, table numbers, or some other element, it can throw your entire style off. Working with a designer, on the other hand, they can create each item that you need with the exact same fonts, colors, and graphics.  

Here's some great questions to ask your designer: 

 Are all your designs exclusive or do you resell the suite? 

 This is a great question to ask! Your fee should be a lot lower if your designer is just inputting your information in a template of one of their premade designs. If you want the invites to be exclusively yours, expect to pay a higher fee. You could also negotiate with your designer to see if they would be willing to resell the design (and save you the higher exclusive fee) but wait to release it to the public until after your wedding is over. 

How long do you need to design the suite?  

This is important! Start reaching out early because if a designer is busy, they may need to book you on their schedule weeks or months in advance. You definitely don't want to wait until 3 months before your wedding to reach out to a designer. I always suggest to find a designer 9-12 months before your wedding and have them also design your Save the Dates.

Do you offer printing as well as design? 

Most designers work closely with a printer and they have a ton of knowledge about what it takes to print the best quality invites. I highly suggest you work with your designer to print your invitations because it's a very expensive mistake if the edges aren't perfect or the colors are entered wrong.  

Are envelopes included in my fee?  

Unlike the cards you buy in a big box store, invitations through a designer aren't automatically included. Your designer should have some great sources for envelopes that they can pass along or make exact selection to match your suite if needed. They're also going to br well versed in knowing what size to order!  

Do you assemble the suites for me, or do I need to do that? 

Depending upon your designer, they may send you all the printed pieces or they could assemble them all (and some even send them out for you). Be prepared to pay for this service, but it's one that is definitely worth it! 

Do you offer calligraphy or could you suggest a calligrapher?  

I'm a little biased since I love calligraphy so much, but I suggest budgeting for calligraphy. It's the perfect finishing touch to your suite (envelopes and place cards) and it's something your guests will notice. Your designer may offer calligraphy or they may know a great place to send you!   

I know that sometimes stationery can get knocked to the bottom of the budget list, but I really love how much your stationery can bring together your event. 

What questions do you have for your stationery designer? 

Cheers! Lindsay