Blissfully Engaged: The Bakery

Happy Wednesday Brides to Be!  

When thinking about planning your wedding, choosing your bakery should be one of the most exciting parts!  I mean, who doesn't love choosing the kinds of desserts you want served on your big day!?! I love all kinds of sweets, so it's a fun topic for me.

A wedding cake is the traditional dessert, but I always recommend brides think beyond the cake. I love the traditional cake as much as the next dessert, but I don't want brides to feel limited by it.  Think about your event.  Think about your style.  What would match that style? Think about ways to make your wedding custom and stand out.  What are your favorite sweets?   

Your options are unlimited!  Think outside the box. 

When you're meeting with potential bakeries, here are some questions you want to be sure to ask!

Can I see your portfolio?
First, before you pull out your pinterest picture, ask to see pictures of the bakery's past work.  You'll get a great idea of their past work and what they can do.  If you don't see anything like what you want, it doesn't hurt to ask.  But it's always a better idea to choose a vendor who matches your style. 

Do you offer tastings?
Every bakery should offer some sort of tasting.  Some are free, but some charge for their tasting.  Don't shy away from the vendors who charge--you'll probably get a larger taste and may be offered more options.   Some of the vendors that charge for a tasting will subtract that cost from their total invoice if you end up booking with them.  They'll share all the info with you during your consulation.

What desserts do you offer? Is there anything you specialize in?
When thinking outside of traditional cakes, most bakeries offer cupcakes. They also may be great sources for cookies, pies, or whatever your heart desires.  Ask if they can make the dessert that you would like. Some desserts are tough-macarons are a trending item right now that fit that classification--so ask if the bakery specializes or has experience with any of these tough desserts.  

Do you deliver? Is there a delivery fee? 
Cakes (and a lot of desserts) are tough to deliver. The last thing you want to worry about on your wedding day is having your uncle pick up your cake in the back of his bouncy car.  Whatever their delivery fee is, I promise you, it's worth it!  

Do you offer stands or containers?  Do you style the table? 
Going beyond delivery, ask if your bakery offers cake and dessert stands and containers.  Ask if they have options that might match your style.  Then, once they deliver your deserts, do they just place them in the kitchen of your venue, or do they place them on your dessert or cake table? Again, with how delicate desserts and cakes are, the less moving the better!

Your desserts can be so fun, so don't stress about this fun wedding planning step.  Stay true to your style and keep your desserts special by serving your favorite sweets. 

Cheers!  Lindsay