Boss Lady Beginnings: 2016 Goals

Happy Monday!

For all of you boss ladies that took time off for the holidays, good for you! I wasn't completely unplugged, but I didn't work much either.  I had such a great week off spent with my family in Nebraska.  We spent Christmas here and then stayed through new years.  I can't tell you how nice it was to be present through the week.   So here I am on Saturday the 2nd trying to blog for the next few weeks. We'll see how many posts I get through!  

I bought the Lara Casey Make It Happen Powersheets book in December and I absolutely LOVE it!  I can't wait to use it throughout the year and really make sure that I'm being being intentional with my time.  With a new baby coming soon, it's so important that I focus on what's important.  


As soon as I started filling out my Powersheets, I came up with my word of the year for 2016--GROWTH. We're growing our family, I want to focus on my family growth and making time for my husband, my parents, and siblings, and of course our new bundle of joy.  (PS-make sure you stop by the blog on Friday to find out if we're having a boy or a girl!)  I also want to grow my business.  I would love to be able to stay home with the baby and work on my business full time.  I really believe that I can do it, but it's not going to be easy.  I also want to grow my faith-this has definitely been at the bottom of my to do list for some time and it's so important that I make time for it.  I really think that by growing my faith I'm going to grow my patience and be more intentional with my time.  I love that there are so many ways I can use this word for 2016 and I really think it will be the perfect way to help focus my life this year.

I have a lot of big goals that I want to set for 2016 and I know it's going to be a HUGE year for me and my family.  Everything is a little hard right now because we are waiting for that answered prayer from God (and I can't share that info with you yet), but I am still setting some goals for this year.  But, I want to remind myself that not everything on this list may happen.  I'm having a baby and THAT is going to be my biggest focus.  

Business Goals

1. Increase my bookings from 2015 and work to take my business full time.
I of course want to work to build my business.  After my launch last April, I am ready to continue to build this business and work with more of my ideal brides.  

2. Launch Brides and Bubbly-an Online site for DIY brides.  
Stop by the blog on Wednesday to find out more about my big plans!  I really want to have a way to make some passive income, especially with a new baby and I am working on a new website for that reason!  

3. Focus on my Blog and Social Media
I'm still not the best at staying on a consistent schedule and posting every day on all social media sites.  I really want to get better and build a better following-I'm focusing on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. 

4. Build SEO for my website. 
I don't know much at all about SEO past the basics, but I know that it's so important for my website and blog.  I want to focus on learning how to make my site show up on Google on the first page. 

5. Build Vendor Connections
I absolutely believe that the more people you know in the wedding industry, the better.  I would love to meet with one vendor a month, have coffee, talk about the industry, and make a new friend.  Owning your own business can be lonely, so I love having others to text and email when I get burnt out.  

Personal Goals

1. Be more intentional with my family time.
I can't tell you how often it is that I'm sitting with my husband mindlessly scrolling through Facebook and Instagram.  I'm ready for that to stop.  I'm ready to make memories with my family and focus on the time we have together.  I want to focus on my husband.  He does SO much for me and is my biggest supporter and I know that I haven't given that time back to him.  I haven't made him a priority even though he's been there to help with all my weddings and shoots.   

2. Put together a system to clean and organize our house (and life).
It is SO easy for me to leave housework at the end of my to do list--and it just doesn't get done.  It's seriously terrible. A big part of it is, we're not planning on being in our current apartment when the baby's born so I've just left stuff be. Reid is amazing and is great at stepping in and doing laundry, making dinner, and just cleaning in general.  But, I know that once we get a house, it can't be like that and with a new baby, it's going to add a lot to our to do list.  I want to organize everything so it's easy to keep the house clean.  If anyone has ANY suggestions, I would love them! 

3. Increase my patience.
I am a pretty impatient person.  When I want something to happen, I want it to happen now.  But I also get cranky when things aren't happening the way I want them to.  I tend to snap at my family if I'm in the middle of something and they ask a simple question.  Again, with a new baby, (I'm starting to sound like a broken record) I know I'm going to need so much more patience.  I need to let the little things go and focus on the important things in life!

4. Grow my Faith
As mentioned above, I haven't been giving God an important spot in my life.  Instead I've been thinking about ME first and then expecting him to answer our prayers. With the baby on the way, I've begun worrying so much about everything.  About driving and the possibility of accidents, and bills and making enough money, of how I'm going to be able to balance my business and my family. I truly believe that putting a focus on faith is going to help me in so many ways and It's so important to me that we raise our baby in faith.  

5. Stick to a schedule.
Similar with putting together a system to organize and clean our house, I want to make a schedule and stick to it.  I'm sure all you moms are laughing at me right now, but I don't expect to schedule our baby.  I want to plan intentional time, date nights, weekend activities, and nights that I will work.  I think if I assign myself time to work, I'm going to work harder in that time and get more done than I am currently when I sit down and work every chance I get.  I want to schedule weekends away from technology.  I want to make sure that I have a plan for dinner instead of grabbing take out after work.  I want to schedule time that I am going to work.  

What are your goals for 2016?  I'd love to hear them and cheer for you along the way.  I think writing the goals down and sharing them with you is so helpful.  I know that they might not all happen.  My life might be hectic for a few months with a brand new baby--but it's going to be so worth it.  

Cheers!  Lindsay