Boss Lady Beginnings: The Rising Tide Society

Happy Monday!

Because of my lack of blogging over the summer, I haven't shared anything on my website about the Rising Tide Society. Since July, I've been blessed to lead this amazing group in the Quad Cities area and I have to share a little bit about the movement and our group! 

The Rising Tide Society is a movement that was created by Natalie Franke and Krista Jones. (Both were speakers at the January Creative at Heart Conference and I was able to learn from them there.) The movement focuses on #communityovercompetition for all varriations of small business owners. I absolutely LOVE the idea behind the movement and it speaks to my heart! Instead of comparing yourself to others, BUILD THEM UP!!! Their success is NOT your failure and forming friendships in your industry is so important. These are the people who understand you! They get what you're struggling with and may have been there themselves! You know when you're struggling or frustrated and trying to explain it to your husband or best friend who doesn't run a small business and they just don't get it? This group does! And we're all there to support each other! There are groups all across the country (and even some abroad!) so find your local chapter and get involved! 

Our local group has been so amazing so far. We're growing so quickly and I can't wait to watch this movement grow! We have already had so many collaborations, new friendships and business relationships form. 

The November topic was philanthropy and we planned a couple fun service projects for the month.  Unfortunately this sweet baby of mine has been giving me terrible headaches and I had one of the worst on Tuesday and it prevented me from going.  But our amazing group met anyway and was able to work on our projects.  

We filled two huge baskets to donate for the Child Abuse Council, a local charity that a lot of our members are involved in.  I love this time of year and everyone was so generous!  The group also put together 9 bouquets that we donated to a local nursing home.  I love bringing joy to others and it's so wonderful to work with a group like this! 

If you're a small business owner in the Quad Cities, I'd love to invite you to our group!  If you're in another area, find your local chapter!  I can't encourage you enough to adopt this amazing movement!

Cheers!  Lindsay