A Big Announcement!


Happy Wednesday!

I am so excited for today's announcement!  After a full wedding season and multiple styled shoots, I've learned how much of an impact gorgeous florals make on an event.  They really can set the mood and convey your style. So, today, I'm excited to announce that I will be adding floral design to my offerings!!! All bouquets in the images in this post were created by me! 

I have always loved flowers, so back in April, I asked Samantha from Samantha Owenson Photography if I could assist with floral design for our Pomegranate shoot. I was able to learn so much that day about the basics and types of floral supplies to use and I loved the experience!  After the shoot I kept florals in the back of my mind, but I didn't forget about them! 

{image} {Dress: The Dress Theory}

In August I took an online floral design class that focused on garden style bouquets (the big overflowing kind with lots of greenery and different types of flowers!) and I fell in love with floral design.  I also signed up for the Petit Bloom Workshop in Grand Rapids, Michigan to learn floral design from Rhiannon from Hey Gorgeous Events. Since then, I've done floral design for two of my weddings and bouquets for 4 different styled shoots.  

Floral design has quickly become one of my favorite parts of event design.  I can't wait to continue to expand my knowledge and start working towards large floral arrangements on archways and altars.  


I wanted to answer a few questions of what adding floral design means!  

Do you take the place of a florist?  Is a floral designer the same thing?
Yes, I would step in and take care of all your floral needs for your wedding.  But no, I'm not the same thing as a florist.  A florist usually takes on multiple events a day and works with a larger team.  I work with assistants, but only take on one event a weekend. I also only offer florals for prescheduled events with a huge focus on weddings. I'm a great fit for brides that are looking for specialized bouquets and florists are the perfect fit for brides that love the traditional style.  


What is your style like? 
I specialize in garden style bouquets and centerpieces and focus on unique and special arrangements.  I love incorporating unique flowers and a lot of greenery. I love garden roses, peonies, dahlias, and lisianthus.  Check out my Pinterest Board that I use for inspiration! 


What is your pricing like? 
It all depends upon what you want!  I do have minimum for my floral design customers, but we can stay conservative or can go as over the top as you like!  Because I like to incorporate such special flowers in my oversized bouquets, my pricing tends to be higher than a more traditional bouquet.  I base the price off of the types of blooms, size of bouquet, and the season (because flowers in season are much less expensive than if they're out of season!).  I would LOVE to work with you and will do my best to find substitutes for flowers to keep you within your budget! 

I can't wait for some amazing upcoming floral design events and I would love to work with you on your event!   

Cheers! Lindsay