Stacy and Kevin

Happy Monday!

I'm excited to share a fun wedding with you today!  

 Photos by J M Studios

Photos by JM Studios

Stacy and Kevin hired me to help keep them organized and coordinate with their vendors so they could relax and enjoy their wedding day.  I think every couple deserves this!  But, since I was just working as the coordinator, we didn't start our planning details until 3 months out, right before the couple moved to Colorado!

At the venue final walkthrough, I helped Stacy choose the linens and the layout of the room.  It's those little details that are my favorite!

 Photos by J M Studios

Photos by JM Studios

Stacy and Kevin chose Noah's Event Venue to host their ceremony and reception.  It's a great venue because it comes with everything.  It has tons of space and nice big bridal and groom suites for getting ready.  Plus they provide chairs, tables and linens.  They also have custom ceilings that you can choose and uplighting.  

 Photos by J M Studios

Photos by JM Studios

After the first looks on wedding day, the bridal party was able to go over to Lake Zorinsky to take some beautiful pictures with JM Studios.  

 Photos by J M Studios

Photos by JM Studios

Their ceremony was in the smaller ceremony space at Noah's and since the weather was nice, they were able to get married on the patio.  Cocktail hour also was on the patio!

 Photos by J M Studios

Photos by JM Studios

The reception and dancing took place in the main ballroom.  They chose the draped ceiling with the chandelier in the center.  It was absolutely beautiful! Some of my favorite details were the table numbers from DSY Invitations-they had images of Stacy and Kevin at the same age as the table number!  They were adorable! 

 Photos by J M Studios

Photos by JM Studios

Stacy and Kevin also had Raising Canes delivered (by my husband) at 10:00 for a late night snack! It was the perfect way to end a fun night!

 Photos by J M Studios

Photos by JM Studios

The couple chose some great vendors, give them some love below!

Photography: JM Studios
Styling and Coordination: Us :)
Venue: Noah's Event Venue
Stationery: DSY Invitations
Videography: Something New Productions
Makeup: Blush Makeup Artistry
Bride's Dress: Ready or Knot
Cake and Desserts: Cake Creations
Catering: Attitude on Food
Photobooth: Panda Pix
DJ: Eskra Event Productions
Ceremony Musicians: Omaha Musicians Live
Florals: Avant Garden

Wedding Planning: 10 Tips to Stay Ahead of the Last Minute Details

Even when you're planning a long engagement, those 18 months can go by fast!  With bridal showers, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and balancing life in general, those last couple months up to the big day can get a little crazy!  So, here's 10 tips to stay ahead of the last minute wedding details!

1. Start a packing list early.
There are so many little things that need to be packed for your wedding day.  So, instead of hoping everything gets packed, add the items to a list the first time you think of them. Make a note in your phone or on Google Drive that is accessible everywhere you go.  Make a list organized by person and list any items that person needs to remember to pack.  I start these lists for my couples in my client management system and they're available for them to add to as soon as they get engaged!  I usually have a Bride, Bridesmaid, Groom, Groomsmen, and Other list.  

2. Start a song idea list when you get engaged.
Another list I start for my couples to use as soon as they're engaged is a song list.  Unless you're a big music person, sometimes coming up with song ideas on the spot is hard!  When I start the document I list the song categories: Ceremony prelude, recessional, First Dance, etc. Then, I encourage you to start listing songs that you like in the document as you hear or think of them.  You can use the list as a brain dump and then choose the songs as a starting point for your ceremony and reception songs list.  That way coming up with 10-15 songs for the ceremony and special dances is easier! 

3. Note important times on your timeline as you come across them.
Putting together your wedding timeline can be overwhelming, especially when you're trying to do it a few days before your wedding.  Start right away! Don't worry about starting at 8am and working to midnight, instead note times as you decide them. It doesn't have to be detailed but having the basics from the start is helpful!  Note your ceremony time and your reception time and the end time.  Then note if your venues designate a time that you can get into them. Then you know what time to tell your vendors for deliveries and set up. From that timeline you can work backwards to add in the details of cake cutting and pictures and toasts.  

4. Print your vendor contact information.
As you sign contract with vendors, make a document to keep track of their hours and their contact info for your wedding day.  I print off all the wedding vendors' contacts and make a list of their contact info to have with me on wedding days. If someone is late or something is incorrect, I have the contract to check against the details and I have their contact information at my fingertips to talk with them about the details.  If you print it off as you book, you don't have to worry about printing everything the day before your wedding! 

 Image by  Emily Crall

Image by Emily Crall

5. Prep and Pack your decor by item or table.
If you're ordering decor and menus and table numbers and renting napkins and runners, you're going to end up with a lot of boxes.  When I'm planning a wedding I order all the decor to my house and organize it there.  But if you don't have a planner and you're in charge of decorating the venue yourself, you'll want to be organized!  Open the decor as you receive it--there might be stickers or plastic wrapping all over the items that would take a lot of time to unwrap individually on your wedding day. Then pack everything by item or by table, depending on what makes the most sense to you.  Make a list of how you want items set up and even stage a table and take pictures to share with your set up team.  

6. Start grouping your guests by groups to make seating them easier. 
When working my couples I have an amazing client management system that I set up for my couples.  it includes a guest list organizer and I find it so helpful!  If you're creating your own, I suggest using Excel or Google Sheets.  Make a column for their name and address as normal, but then add a column and name it "group".  Group the list by family name or friends group like Bride Father's Side or Groom College Friends.  That way as RSVPs come back you can sort by group and use those groups at tables.  

7. Organize tips in individual envelopes
When you're planning your budget, talk about what vendors you want to tip.  If you're unsure, there are some great resources for tipping vendors. And check back here because I have a tipping post scheduled!  Once you have those amounts decided, make out envelopes for the tips and write the vendor's name on them.  Add your cash whenever you're ready, seal the envelopes, and place them with your items to pack.  

 Image by  JM Studios

Image by JM Studios

8. Talk through Wedding Day transportation needs early. 
A lot of times my couples talk through transportation to and from the venue and for the guests early, but think about how the wedding party will be traveling.  Do people need to be picked up from the airport? Do you have enough room in cars to drive from the hotel to the hair and makeup places? If the groom is driving his car to the ceremony venue and then you're taking a bus or limo, how is his car getting back to the hotel at the end of the night? Think of those details early so you're not stressing to find enough cars and drivers for the wedding day.  

9. Make any pre wedding appointments a few months in advance.
Are you thinking of getting a spray tan? A wax? A manicure and pedicure? Make those appointments early on and add them to your calendar so you're not stressing to find a place a few days before your wedding. It helps to make sure your favorite salons aren't booked up and you're not running to find a new option.

10. Make a clean up plan and checklist
Similar to your packing checklist, make a checklist of the items you need to pack up at the end of the night and who's responsible.  What are you going to do with the florals at the end of the night? Does the florist need the vases back? Does your rental company come to pick up the decor at the end of the night or do you need to return it? Don't forget to check the bridal suite for phone chargers, makeup, and extra shoes. Think through the items that you're renting, borrowing, and buying.  Anything you take with you or have delivered will need to be removed!

If you're feeling overwhelmed or would like help to set up, break down, and stay organized let me know!  Let's talk about how I can help!

XO Lindsay 

Wedding Planning: Allocating your Budget

You've been engaged for 1 month, but you've been planning your perfect Pinterest wedding for years.  Maybe even before you met The One.  Hey! It's okay!  I get it.  And I love that you have an idea of where you want to start.  Probably 99% of my meetings to talk through a couple's vision starts with the bride pulling up her Pinterest board to show me all the things she loves.  The board is usually filled with gorgeous flowers, a beautiful venue, and rented chairs, linens, and place settings.  

I have another whole blog post planned on navigating Pinterest, so we'll just touch on the topic of Pinterest pricing.  What you really need to know is most of the weddings you'll find pinned on Pinterest are expensive.  Everything adds up quickly and to achieve the vision that you're seeing pinned 1000s of times, you're going to need a budget that will allow us to create those details. Sometimes the florals alone on a Pinterest wedding can add up to a couple's entire budget.  

When I'm working with my couples, it's important that I make sure we're planning the details to fit in a budget.  And all those details need to be prioritized.  i don't want to find you the perfect string quartet, have you book them, and then we realize that you don't have the budget for food to feed all the guests.  

So when we start planning I sit down with my couple to plan their budget and prioritize by category.  Does the couple want to lead the planning with their vision and prioritize their budget by the vision related categories (Florals, Decor, Stationery) or do you want to prioritize the budget based on the experience for their guests (Food, Entertainment, Number of Guests) or do they want to prioritize keepsakes (Photography and Videography). 

There is no wrong area for you to choose to focus your budget.  In fact, my of my couples tend to pick a few items from each category to prioritize.  It's never easy to take something away from your vision, but focusing on the "must haves" makes it easier to plan.  

Here's some ideas to keep your priorities and budget in check!

 Image by Rachel Wakefield

Image by Rachel Wakefield

If your must haves are visual: Florals, Decor, and Rentals: You want a gorgeous wedding with tons of flowers and special touches. You want your day to be beautiful! 

  • Consider opting out of the open bar.  Instead host wine, beer, and two specialty cocktails
  • Consider a DJ over a band.  Usually a DJ is a little less expensive since it usually only consists of one person instead of a full band.
  • Consider a venue that offers tables, chairs, and linens so you don't have rent them in addition to the venue.  
  • Consider a less expensive dinner option.  Most caterers have amazing options ranging in cost per person.  
  • Consider a lower guest count, which would mean less tables to decorate. 

If your must haves are experience based: Food, Entertainment, and Number of Guests: You want to have a big guest count and want your guests to enjoy every minute of the day. Your priority is that you and your guests make memories. 

  • Consider using candles as centerpieces on some or all of your tables.  They're less expensive than florals most of the time.
  • Consider a less expensive venue. The type and location of the venue really makes a difference in pricing.
  • Consider a photographer and or videographer for the ceremony and formals only.  
  • Consider sending out Save the Dates digitally to save on printing and postage. 
 Images by JM Studios

Images by JM Studios


If your must haves are Memory Based: Videography and Photography: You want to have memories of your day for you to enjoy and look back at for years to come.

  • Consider cutting out favors.  Instead invest in a photobooth for guests to use and take home pictures instead.
  • Consider having a video of old pictures of the bride and groom play during cocktail hour instead of a DJ. 
  • Consider moving your hair and makeup appointment to the venue so the photographer doesn't have to arrive as early to travel between locations.
  • Consider using engagement pictures as centerpieces instead of florals. 
  • Consider creating a snack bar filled with your favorite candy and popcorn instead of a traditional cake or cupcakes. 

Or, if you have some different priorities, mix and match these ideas to make your wedding come to life!

How did you adjust your budget based on your priorities?

XO Lindsay

A Backyard Wedding Checklist

In 2016 and 2017 I've coordinated my fair share of outdoor, tented weddings.  These weddings have been at family houses or at venues that don't provide a venue staff.  They've been a lot of work, but have been some of my favorite weddings.  Are you planning a backyard wedding? It doesn't actually have to be in your backyard! But if you're planning a wedding that's not at a venue and you have to bring in all of the items that are needed for a wedding, here's a checklist for you of things to consider. 

Let's start with some questions.  Make sure you have answers to each of these questions before you finalize your plans to have a backyard wedding.

Ceremony Location: Where are you going to have the ceremony at?  Is there enough room for chairs or seating? Is the ground flat enough for seating? Is it easily accessible for the guests?

Reception Location: Do you have enough space for the reception? Do you want to bring in a tent or do you have a barn or large indoor space? 

What happens if the weather is bad? 

Do you have adequate parking for your guests? Or will buses or other transportation be able to easily access the venue? 

Do you have access to electricity? Do you need heating or air conditioning? What will you do for restrooms?

For Your Ceremony:
A sound system
An altar
Decor and Florals

For your Reception:
Sound System (may be through the band or DJ)
Dance Floor
Lighting (for tent and to and from the parking area/bathrooms)
Bathroom access
Kitchen access for catering
Water to the tent
Placesettings (Plates, flatware, glassware, etc.)
A bar
Tables for the buffet, DJ, photobooth, etc. 
Linens for all your tables
Air conditioning or heating
Decor, signage, etc.
Trash or a Dumpster

Some other things to think about:

Who is responsible if someone were to get hurt on property? What kind of insurance do you need?

What will you do about bugs? Can you have the property sprayed before the event?

Who will be setting up the tables, chairs, setting the tables with linens and decor, tearing down everything at the end of the night?

Who will be taking care of the trash throughout the night?

Will you have any issues with sound? Are there neighbors close by that don't want loud music after a certain hour?

Because your family farm, backyard, or public property doesn't have a venue staff, there are a lot of things to think about. But, often times these wedding locations are so much more meaningful to you than a standard venue.  If you need help planning an outdoor, tented wedding, please reach out!  They have been some of my favorite events to plan!

XO Lindsay

Jessica and Justin

Happy Monday!

I'm so excited to share today's wedding.  Jessica and Justin were one of my favorite couples to work with in 2017.  I worked with them on planning, florals, and design (my Full Experience Package). It's always my favorite package to work with couples since I get to be so involved from start to finish.

 Images by  Rachel Wakefield

Jessica is from Hastings, Nebraska and planned to get married at her childhood church with the reception at the country club she attended since she was little.  I love when the venues are sentimental like that!  

 Images by  Rachel Wakefield
 Images by  Rachel Wakefield

Because the wedding was in Hastings and I did all the floral work, it was a little challenging to get everything from Omaha to Hastings.  But we made it work and everything looked beautiful.  Jessica chose navy, burgundy, blush and bright red for her colors.  

 Images by  Rachel Wakefield

Since Jessica lives in Hastings, she was able to get ready at her house.  Her makeup artist was a high school friend, which was special as well.  Her house had the perfect lighting for getting ready and served as the cutest backdrop for their first look. 

 Images by  Rachel Wakefield
 Images by  Rachel Wakefield

Wedding day ended up being just a little rainy, but not too bad.  Most of the day the group was able to do pictures outside.  Jessica and Justin took some portraits in the park where they got engaged and then at the church and country club as well.  After their ceremony, they also took some pictures in the church chapel where Jessica's parents were married! 

 Images by  Rachel Wakefield

Their reception at Lochland Country Club featured amazing food, a live band, and tv's for the Husker game (which we lost-but of course made exciting just as dinner was supposed to be served).  

 Images by  Rachel Wakefield

It was such a beautiful day and the vendor team was amazing!  Give them some love below!

Photography: Rachel Wakefield
Ceremony Venue: First Presbyterian Church
Reception Venue: Lochland Country Club
Planning, Florals, and Design: Us
Band: Musivo Live
Rentals: AAA Rentals
Dress: The Gown Gallery
Ceremony Musicians: Hastings Orchestra String Quartet
Hair and Makeup: Kristina Lee
Cake: Elyse McGraw